Motor Bikes

Ducati 750SS
1985 Kawasaki ZL900 Eliminator

Used to have a 636 Ninja, before an idiot in a 306 knocked me off it. Can't have another sportsbike until I've regained the movement and strength that I used to have in my shoulder.
Ahhh another Trumpet owner. Those Triples aint arf good eh? Stonking motors.

Travelled to South of France on the Daytona a couple of years back, no problems at all.

Last year went to Italy on the Tiger, bit more comfort and 3 cheers for heated grips. Only bugger was slightly warped front discs and back pads worn down; I put it down to pillion, loaded up panniers and top box. Heavy braking over various mountain passes in Switzerland.
Honda Blackbird - Simply the best bike I've ever owned
Honda Hornet - Great fun, but the limited tank range is its big draw back
Honda VFR 800 FI - bought in Germany in 98 for travelling backwards and forward to the UK and now commuting each day round London. Superb bike and superb engineering.
Kawasaki KLR650, numb shed of a thing but good for climbing mountains.

Kawasaki ZX12R, my 2nd one, so damned fine I bought another one after selling the 1st, nothing else comes close

YZFR6 and TZR250 (bored out to 275cc and Stan Stephens Stage III tune).

Just sold an SV650s and bought a 900 Hornet - hooligan days are back and i've longed for that clunky honda gearbox!

I used to court a lass many moons ago who had an SV650S, good little bikes.

Not sure about the Hornet 900, wasn't that a detuned Fireblade engine bolted in? Did they ever increase the appalling tank range a la Hornet 600?
Currently have a Suzuki Bandit 600 for commuting and am about to trade it in for a Yamaha R1.

Before that...........

Kawasaki ZX6R
Suzuki GSXR 600
Suzuki Bandit 600
Honda DT125
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