Motor bike racing to end and antique bikes to be confiscated

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by EX_STAB, Mar 19, 2007.

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    Minor problem? Quick scribble some more legislation!
  3. Why don't they put forward a "stop politicians making stupid f*ckin proposals bill" ?

    I wonder who pays this mans wages?

  4. You and I.
  5. I was going to put a quick witty responce but to be honest word fail me!

    :frustrated: :pissedoff: :threaten: :thumbdown:
  6. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Hmmm labour politicians and bonehead useless legislation - say its not true.....erm....
  7. My comments have just gone off to MP Graham Stringer, Labour (really?!), Manchester Blackley.
  8. All I want is a parliment capable of leading this country properly instead of constantly adding Knee jerk legislation to screw over the majority of people to ineffectivly tackly a minority.

    We'll just add this pile of drivvel to the same pile as...

    1. Pretty much all of the fire arm legislations. (Yep, they worked didn't they?)

    2. Other DVLA and vehilce related laws to "catch" unregistered cars that merely fcuk over those who go one day over on their tax or MOT.

    3. ASBOs.

    4. Pretty much all other laws brought in by this pathetic excuse for a government.

    I have a novel suggestion, bring in "Chocolate_Frogs bone law redress bill". This is wear the proposer of a "ill-conceived and poorly thought-out piece of legislation" is brought before the house and carpetted for being a moron.

    They will then have the weekend to sort out the various problems or it will be scrapped on Monday.

    On scrapping, all papers relating to said duff legislation will be rammed up the MPs arrse. All papers must have adhered to them the "cancelation notice" a A4 ish star shaped piece of card, stapled at four points to each paper.
  9. Classic knee jerk reaction.

    With the emphasis on jerk.
  10. I think it is a brilliant idea.
    What a wonderful way to bring together people from all walks of life with the intent of destroying an individual. What a stunning way to illustrate the term "bad career move".
    This should be fun.

  11. oh for fucks sake its already illegal to ride a mini moto anywhere without permission unfortunately the 2 plod on duty don't really have time to catch the gits.
    though did enjoy phoning the non emergency helpline when one git fell off said bike er yes "he does appear to be in a lot of pain no I don't think its an emergency but would like something done about the noise" they really do lack a sense of humor :twisted:
  12. Fortunately it will have to get past the Upper House who will send it back with "could do better" scrawled all over it.
  13. Though fortunetly I don't!!!!


    Should have done him for noise pollution or something. Please tell me you videos him BH :D
  14. no and mrs hippy thought it was " a cruel and callous thing to do "
    apprantly the little tit needed skin grafts oh dear how sad never mind unfortunatly the bigger tossers still have there mini motos but one isn't apprantly working to well
  15. You should have rubbed salt in to his wounds, it is a good steriliser whilst you wait for the ambulances.

    You should offer them some petrol* one day.

    *With a bit of sugar/diesal/anything else nasty added.