MotoGP Walts ?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by X59, Jul 26, 2010.

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  1. X59

    X59 LE

    Is it just me, or are the riders of race replica bikes, with one piece 'power ranger' leathers c/w aerodynamic hump and sponsor's logos all over, MotoGP Walts ? Or "Too cool for school" ?
  2. Dunno, I had lunch with Suzi Perry last week that any good?
  3. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer


    It's the Ewan McGregor Walts that I find the most amusing. City workers on shiny brand new BMW GS1200 adventures commuting through London with empty flight panniers and full enduro gear on. I saw one stack it the other day as his pannier clipped a bus, serves him right for riding a bike that is wider than a car. I wouldn't mind if they took the bikes on cross continental adventures, but they don't, they just want to look like Ewan and his drunkard looking mate while they negotiate Hyde Park Corner. I suppose it's like their wives who take the kids to school in Range Rovers, fitted with snorkels and winches.
  4. X59

    X59 LE

    Seems that some folk can't just ride / drive their chosen wheels, but they have to live out the fantasy that the ad men use to sell them the machine in the first place.
  5. Brill that makes me a moto gp walt having being pissed at the RASS a few years ago and bought a valentino rossi nastro azzuro CBR600 race rep......i'm now going to go sit in the corner and cry, but on a plus note i've now sold it so i'm not really.
  6. X59

    X59 LE

    Did you get some miles in ? Race reps look good when they're hooning about at illegal speeds, but what's that about endlessly lapping the tesco roundabout, trying to get the knee sliders scuffed up, while dreaming of being Rossi. Cocks.
  7. well i never went round tesco's roundabouts, and the lad i sold it to managed to throw it through some german farmers field at a vast rate of speed nearly killing himself and the bike in the process does that count?
  8. Know what you mean ; they look the part but done half get the hump (no pun intended) when you pass em.

    Also knee down is a piece of cake and it does make you slower attempting it deliberately
  9. No such thing as a Euan McGregor walt,the man is a cock of the first order,as he himself is a Charlie Bormann walt.
    Anyone who is under the impression that Moto Guzzi made good bikes after 1960 wants ******* shooting.
    Charlie top biker,not many people would ride most of a leg of the Paris-Dakar with a broken hand,much respect.
    The Jocko should stick to appearing on the screen,I'm loathe to call it acting.

    As for buying race replicas,methinks a bit of dick envy is creeping in here?
  10. In regards to the " Ewan McGregor walts " , some of us have been travelling around the world on bikes before those two made it into a TV series.

    Even though those big BMW GS bikes are the in-thing at the moment ( especially those with money ) and there is a cringe inducing amount of bling and faux off-road personae about them, there is actually quite a few peeps who use those things as intended.

    I ride my touring bike everyday as well, I cannot afford a second bike( just reached its 100,000 m birthday ) I normally wear my old/worn off-road gear or a set of equally worn, wax cotton bike clothing because I do not even own a set of leathers.........Stop us and have a chat, some of us are not wearing if for the fashion.

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  11. OK, I'll bite. I've got a Le Mans and, yes sometimes I do want shooting but I got my first one (850 T3) aged 19 and they get under your skin. Do you think the only good Guzzi was the V8 or is it that you don't really know what you are really talking about? The problem with race rep bikes / leathers / helmets is they are quite often ridden by people who feel the need to live up to their bike but lack the skill to do so. A few years ago biking became less a poor man's form of transport and more a rich man's hobby- one of the mags worked out it was cheaper to run a Ford Escort than a fairly ordinary 500c bike (I think they used something like a CB500 twin for the comparison). At about the same time lots of mongs started buying bikes, usually the latest flavour-of-the-month sports bike. Lots of them die.
    Keep it shiny side up.
  12. No I don't suppose I do know what I am talking about. First bike,that I passed my test on in 63 was a Lodola GT,bought from the local Italian ice cream shop owner for the princely sum of £62:17/6 in old money (£62:75p in new money),passed my test on that,2 months later the bugger then rolled out a Desmo Ducati 250 Daytona,with bucket seat,alloy tank,and a copper exhaust pipe,and reverse cone mega,prettiest bike I ever owned.

    His son bought it a year previous,regisered it in the UK,then got called up for his National Service with the Italian Army,mine for a measly £250.

    I also used to love watching Bill Lomas race his 350 DOHC Guzzi around the Island,but I have never liked bikes that have problems with the wet,and all my mates that had the later Guzzi's,were always having problems,so you're right I don't know much about the new Guzzi's,but Ewan McGregor is still a posing knob.;-))))

    As for the born again racers,you could be right but,better to ride a race replica than a Hardly Dangerous.

    As an aside I am now in my 60's,think Valentino Rossi is a God,and ride a 73 ex-plod Triumph Speed Twin,but only when it's dry,sorry.

    P.S. don't I wish that I had kept the 2 Italawop bikes.
  13. That's better, now I agree with pretty much everything you're saying ;-) Although BABs might live longer on a Hog.
    As a Trumpet owner I'd have thought that you'd like one of the Tonti framed Guzzis from mid 70's-early 80s, they're sort of singing from the same hymn sheet and they make a bloody lovely noise with Lafranconis on. And the electrical problems generally get sorted out- most of the big lumps are Bosch anyway- it's just the wriggly bits in between that go AWOL from time to time, but like I say, they get sorted. I swapped mine to Dyna ignition / coils and junked the points which were a pain to set. Put relays in for the headlight and (touch wood) everything seems to work. Shaft drive not as hassle-free as I'd have liked but hey-ho the bikes look and go great.
    And, yes Vale is a god.
  14. on the subject of Moto GP anyone know where you can purchase the gear that the brolly dolly's wear!??
    and no its not for me ,the wife liked the look of a pair of sponsored leggings one of them was wearing!
    ive looked on flea bay to no avail!
  15. Absolutely they are walts. no need for speed humps on leathers, or taking your footrest rubbers off to reduce weight. Nevertheless no more walty than the wankoffs driving decal covered subaru's with both 4 wheel drive and inability to drive around corners