MotoGP Season 2013 Thread

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Skunkmiester, Apr 3, 2013.

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  1. So, 3 days to go before the circus kicks off. Any predictions?

    Will Rossi make a triumphant comeback?
    Will Lorenzo continue to be the 'Juan / One' to beat?
    Will Mark Marques prove what many are thinking and knock Pedrosa into a cocked hat and wee all over the rest of the Aliens?
    Can Cal Crutchlow do even better than the last 2 years?

    Should be a good year this one, I wish #58 was still with us to get in the mix.
  2. After the first couple of practice sessions looks like the wonder child (Marcquez) has real trouble braking into turn one. He's not thebiggest kid on the track, could Hasty Moner's arm pump be a worry over full distance?

    Rossi looks happy and therefore fast, Lorenzo still looks like a swan with his effortless style and Cal? Well we can hope for podiums and maybe A win but until he gets afull factory ride no chance at a title.

    Bradl good for a win this year?
  3. I think The war between Marquez and Lorenzo will be the talk of the season. Pedrosa will be close in behind with Crutchlow, Rossi and Bradl fighting it out for the minor points. Echoing the above if only sideshow bob was diving into the mix as well.
  4. The new practice/quali idea is about to show us if its works. (18.50 as we speak).

    Will be very interesting to see the fight for 11,12 and 13 from the satalite teams and the ctrs. Smitty might be in damger of not making Q2.
  5. Curious to see how Spies and co do on the Pramac Dukes compared to the under performing factory options, especially seeing as they are supposed to be much closer partners now.
  6. I think Rossi will be out to prove a point,and Lorenzo will be looking over his shoulder,along with Danny,I think Marquez will have to make sure he refines his riding style (yellow cards for fairing banging this season)!

    Bottom line Rossi is back,ignore all the testing results,and qualifying ain't racing,it's going to be a magic season,Final Qualifying on the Red Button Sat evening! :mrgreen:
  7. Look forward to the of gives a summer feeling! Used to love the two stroke 500s.the crazy antics of Wayne Gardner,freddie Spencer&mamola etc etc.
  8. Marquez fastest in FP this evening. I'd caution reading too much into the first couple of rounds as Qatar is a funny race in the dark on a dirty track and Austin (COTA) is a new track. Jerez will be the first "proper" race. I think the smart money will be on Lorenzo this weekend. I think Marquez will be quick but I think he will throw himself at the scenery. He's a title threat and he's going to win races this year. Cal is on it. I think he's getting parts from Yamaha.

    Myself, I will be watching the Q and races from the MV Agusta garage at Brands, where my daughter's boyfriend will be tearing round the Indy circuit on his F4RR in Superstock 1000.

    BSB will be good this season too.
  9. Well, anyone in any doubt that The Doctor has lost it, were reassured tonight that he still most definitely is still in the house.
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  10. It was really good, great to see shades of vintage Rossi, so good under braking and considering the talent of the bloke he was having the ding dong with even better. Shame about Cal but I'm confident he would have been in the mix with Marquez and Rossi without the run off. I felt Pedrosa was struggling from the off he certainly seemed to be holding Cal up initially.
  11. And that's more exciting than F1?
  12. Only about 12 million times more.
  13. Even the Moto 3 and 2 are better F1
  14. Rossi still has that old race craft and now has a bike he belives in therefore we are in for some great weekends.

    Cal was really keeping thosr Hondas honest for such a long time showing he has the race pace on last years bike, lets hope Yamaha pass on those upgrades sooner after his great effort. Unlucky that Rossi was on a mission for him and two Yamahas into tje first courner don't go, kept it on the black and 5th is about right really.

    Pedrosa already looks outclassed by MM.

    Lorenzo was faultless in the race, quality.

    Great ride by Scott Redding and was impressed again by Dannt Webb in Moto3.
  15. My missus,came running into the front room,wondering what all the shouting was about ! :woot: :woot:

    Last half a dozen laps,I was out of my chair,and the scrap between Marquez,and Rossi was sublime.

    F1 take note,it's called racing,and team orders consist of "Get out there,and beat every other bastard over the finish line". :-\\\\