MotoGP Season 2007 thread

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by the_guru, Mar 9, 2007.

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  1. Right Gents and Laydeeees.

    First race off tomorrow (Sat) at Losail in Qatar. Hayden is struggling, managing only 15th fastest in Practice on day 1. I personally think he will struggle to get in the top 3 this season. The obvious favourite is Valentino Rossi. He will be pushed hard by Dani Pedrosa. Colin Edwards has looked fast in pre season and could threaten the top 3.

    Biking Arrsers thoughts on this season?
  2. I think this could be Colin Edwards year , mind I've been thinking this since he moved to MotoGP from WSB.
  3. Could also be Rossi's last year at the top ??
  4. Honda have spent the last few years building the new 800 class bike around Lil' Danni P so they must be hoping for good results from him if not the championship. Either way you cannot rule out the Doc as he is simply the best and mad as ever having lost out last year to that w***er Hayden. I too hope Edwards has a better season as he always comes across as being a decent bloke.
    Not forgetting Bradley Smith in the 125class, a future motogp star without question.
  5. Pedrosa to take the chequered flag.
  6. Watching the Qualifying now as we speak!

    My bet is on Rossi this year, he missed out last year purely through bad luck. He clawed back points consistantly in the last few races showing his sheer skill and determination. Edwards also looks as if he could have a promising year.

    You cant count out Dani Pedrosa though and all the back up that is inevitable with HRC. I seem to think Honda's engine will be better than others this season. This years V4 is very similar to the proven V5 and shares similar design in a lot of its parts.

    I'm looking forward to the next 18 races, i am off to a mates very early tommorrow to make arrse dents in his sofa whilst settling into a crate of beer........
  7. OOhhhh I'm excited and it's not just at the thought of Susie Perry in leathers!

    NNooooooooo, never!! But I don't know what to make about the rumors he's going to switch to 4 wheels. I hope he doesn't, he's a genius. I was at a very wet and wild Donnington park when he just cranked up the genius knob and blew everyone away, it was amazing to watch.

    A very good rider technically and yeah he seem to be a good bloke I don't know why he's failed to make the transition though.

    My money's on the Doc followed by Danni P.
  8. Will he mind you living on his sofa for the next 7 months?

    And sort you drills out, one case of beer? Have you forgotten France v england on sunday?
  9. As am I, an just how good does that Fiat Yamaha look?

  10. Nooooo!

    FIAT and YAMAHA in the same sentence....its all its the wrong colours!

    I still think he (the Doctor) is an absolute god when it comes to two wheels though, bring it on!!
  11. Mental note...... Get more beer! :thumright:

    FIAT and Yamaha shouldn't go together i agree. But if its any concelation, there are no "Fix It Again Toni" parts in the bike!!

    Imagine... The engine from a 126 "FIAT Flyswatter" Bis in a Moto GP bike?!! :brilsmurf:
  12. Honda And Ducati will both be hoping for a Fix It Again Tommorrow senario.
    or Hold ON Dani........ Ahhhhhhhh!!! or would that be Stonner ;)
  13. It looks cracking but the word Fiat just shouldn't be on a bike !!!
  14. At long last - its been like torture no bikes on the TV! this season should be great, already the bikes are quicker than the 990s!

    Cant see hayden being upto much, lets face it he was given the title last year due to Rossi's bad luck. Hope that Edwards does well this season - his performace so far has been promising of things to come. Stoner has done well - but we will just have to see if he can stay on for a whole race !

    then there are the usual contenders - but being a rossi fan and therfore biased - he's gonna win - easily hands down. Contenders will be Pedrosa, Edwards and Melandri.

    Just Fcukin gutted ill miss most of the season due a well timed deployment to the Helmand. :pissedoff: The COS is under strict instructions to record the practise, qualifying and races to dvd and send them out to me!!.

    Not to keen on the Fiat Yamaha colours though -

    Looking forward to the ride home this afternoon - before watching the qualifying on SKY+.

    Any bikers in the Wilts area?
  15. 1. Rossi 1.55.002
    2. Stoner.
    3. Edwards.
    4. Elias.
    5. Pedrosa

    Hayden 9th and a full second back. Oh dear.

    Going to be a great race, then off down to Meadow Lane to watch the Mighty Stags gub Notts County !