MOTOB tops himself with smack!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bugsy, Aug 7, 2009.

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  1. Well guess what! Some MOTOB (Member Of The Old Bill) has ODed and curled his toes!

    And if this isn't a thorough and blatant PC snowjob, then I'm the fückin' Lord-Mayor of Nagasaki!
    Heroin is completely undetectable after 24 hours, even in longstanding addicts. So how can “they” ascertain that he wasn’t *cough* an addict? So your man was just, err .. sort of experimenting? Like you do when you're the Old Bill? Right!

    This what I mean when I say (said) in a previous thread that the junkies hanging around the alleys represent, at the very most, about five percent of the addicted population. All the rest have, nominally, "honourable" occupations, like judges, architects, film producers, artists, MPs, city counsellors, consultants, company directors, lawyers, pop singers and what have you. And even the Old Bill.

    As long as these very influential folks keep the smack market alive and buzzing, any "War on Drugs" is automatically doomed to failure.

  2. Very perculiar
  3. I agree. Although "perculiar" is also peculiar. But whatever!

  4. I can well believe it, I have'nt across any smackhead bizzies but come across a few who like a line or a tablet, probably cos they're out ya system after 24 hours, when that uniform comes off, their no different to anyone else.
  5. Ode-fückin'-ear! The Jarrrod fella trying to be more clever than he is.

    I'll say it again: smack is completely, that's completely, undetectable in the human body after 24 hours. It does not impinge on the structures/proteins responsible for the formation of human hair and is thus undetectable in them. Nuff sedd?

  6. Picky :D
    Not being a typing genius I have an inability to look at the screen at the same time as tapping the keyboard, also a tendancy not to proof read my posts on an internet forum either!

    Back to the odd bit, if the article is correc then it seems very out of character for Pilling to be playing with drugs.
    Stranger things have happened I suppose but is does seem "peculiar"
  7. You're wrong. A single dose of diacetylmorphine of a reasonable purity is detectable in urine for up to 48hrs. A very high dose, or a chronic user who recently stopped, is detectable for around five days. This includes testing for the major metabolite 6-monoacetylmorphine.

    Opiates are detectable in hair; both heroin and the 6-MAM metabolite. An average hair follicle can cover nearly three months; body hair even longer due to speed of growth.
  8. So, heroin would be the drug of choice in order to get past CDT on Monday morning.
  9. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Dunno. But smack is more popular in nick because the tests they use mean it cant be detected after 24 hours. Plus of course, smack is more fun in nick. If you are in China White, I'd go for Charlie. If I did drugs. Which I dont. Being a Methodist.

    This case is sad, but it goes to show, the Flith shouldnt handle drugs.
  10. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    What, if they cut your hair? Cutting your hair infringes your human rights. And we can be having that, can we?

    Drink a litre of pineapple juice four hours after you do the smack. They cant touch you. Sorted. Stand on me Bud.
  11. I used to know a girl who was going to become a special constable because " It sounded like fun " She smoked skunk every night and got wrecked on cocaine at the weekends . I'm sure she'll go far as a special constable
  12. 1-4 days is the commonly reseached time for finding opiates in the body. In my experience too many people believe what their mates said etc. detection methods have moved on abit in the last 10 years
  13. Are the bizzies subject to CDT in the same way as members of the armed forces?
  14. Am I the only one to snigger at his name? Concidering what he's gone and done. :D
  15. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Detection methods is, what detection methods does.

    1-4 days you say?

    1 day is 24 hours you will find? Like I said.

    And whats your methodology? Urine sample? I could give you half a dozen ways to get round that, but I wont.

    Swab? Spare me.

    Or do you intend to start trying to hack at my haircut?

    my experience too many people believe what gifted amateurs said etc.