Moto GP

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Jul 26, 2009.

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  1. Never been into bikes.But whilst flicking through the channels,Suzi Perry's name caught my eye.Now as she on "The List" I thought I would have a look.Started to watch the race.Those guys are nutters.P1ssing with rain but they still go for it.Close action video from onboard cameras.Great stuff.
    And of course,Suzy.Oh,there she is,got to go.
  2. good to hear that someone who is not a biker themselves enjoying watching moto gp, but vanman if you did have a bike you would be lovin it even more.

    if you have not got a bike then i would advise anyone to give it a go, once you get on one you will wish you done it years ago.
  3. That was a fantastic race too.
  4. Not a biker myself but much prefer motogp to F1.More overtaking in one lap than the whole of an F1 race and the riders seem more accessible for interviews etc.
  5. Yes Suzy over the personality vacuums of F1 any day and does know her stuff, saw her at the Bike show up close, more than passed the face to face inspection
  6. Seconded!

    Rossi coming in 5th aswell!
  7. never been a biker but have always thought motogp and superbikes are so much better to watch than the borefest that is F1
  8. What a Fabby race, but if you guys liked that then why not sign up to be Marshalls I did last weekend no experience necessay, and WOW!!!! what a blast up close and personal to all the officials and racers. Anyone interested let me know the next meet is 15th-16th August at east fortune, near edinbugh. do a few local races and if you get on great you get to go to the big races!!!!!!

  9. Might take you up on that in the future Sammi :)
  10. Good race ,proved a bit slippy when the rain started though
  11. That race was awesome
  12. Ducati blew it out their arrses and what is going on with Stoner. Everytime I see him he looks like a man who knows he's defeated. I know the team are saying he has a virus but I'm wondering if maybe Lorenzo and Rossi have just psyched him out. Lorenzo's mistake was schoolboy error but then again De Puniet was taking a lot of chances drifting onto the paint.
  13. Lets face it they have greater skills and bigger nuts than the mojority of us mortal bikers
  14. Seconded.
  15. The changeable weather, and varied tyre choices made it a bit of a lottery though.