Moto GP

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by ark-angel, Apr 12, 2009.

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  1. Well what a waste of time that was, sat here on my fat arrse waiting for the start of the 09 season for them to call it off. Whos feckin idea was it to try and start the race at 10.30 at night local knowing full well that it was going to piss down.
  2. But if you knew that it was going to rain, why did you sit down to watch it?

    And why didn't you tell someone. I'm sure that the hundreds of people here at the circuit would have heeded your warning and gone home early, instead of sitting here like drowned rats.
  3. News just in. But not released yet.

    The race will be rerun tomorrow night.
  4. They were talking of either tomorrow, or coming back in Sep instead of the cancelled Hungarian round.

    Gutted tonight. Waited 6 months for that.

  5. 100% definite. Tomorrow night, 8pm to 9pm Qatar time (1700 - 1800 GMT).
  6. How do you know?

    I am watching a few sites with people in the know and have heard nothing
  7. Because I'm sitting here controlling all of the satellite transmissions from site.

    It's a terrible job, but someone has to do it :)
  8. Did you get the nod from someone out there, or have you been monitoring?
  9. I am here.
  10. So I take it that the MSMA meeting has finished?
  11. I assume so. Dorna has just announced that the race will be run at 2100 local, with warmup at 1840.

    However apparently a couple of top riders are reluctant to ride tomorrow.

    More to follow I'm sure.

    Another day in Qatar. Great.
  12. Thanks for the gen.

    Enjoy Qatar..... :D
  13. If you was there you would also be privvy to the long range weather forecasts too, or was that a little stupid to think?
  14. Yeah OK, fair call,

    I'm a MotoGP walt, and you're obviously a far cleverer man than anyone running this event.

    Maybe one of the meteorologists employed by the teams or tyre companies should have asked your opinion before proceeding so recklessly.

    Pity your talents go unrecognised isn't it.

  15. Thats what I was thinking as well,

    Glad to hear they are re running it though, hope the weather is better for it.