Motivational mantras, anyone have any gooduns?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Jensen, May 13, 2008.

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  1. This idea was inspired by a post made by a member named brettyboy69. I was reading through a topic somewhere back there and I was reading about someone sucking at running the mile and a half. Anyway, this guy brettyboy said "when i was running, it was killing me, but through my head i was thinking 'no way am i failing and getting a civi job again, i came here to join the army, and thats what im going to do.'"

    Anyway, I thought that was pretty cool. Today when I went running, I was about 3/5 of the way through, and I was just beginning to consider that maybe I had ate one too many pieces of toast this morning. Thinking about stopping for just a second or two etc. Well the idea came into my head "Don't stop you fooking eejit, in about 4 minutes you can stand still for aslong as you want, a little bit of pain for a few minutes you'll be much happier that you didn't stop."

    Well you know, due to breathing like a beheaded muslim after forgetting to wear her hijab, the thought slipped my mind. It was only when I was lying on my bed about an hour later that I remembered the words. I think in retrospect that it was highly effective as far as motivation goes.

    Well what I was wondering, I'd like to know about any you people may have, for any situations. From the people like me who are just joining up and use them just for running, or motivating themselves to do a million situps and pressups each day. Even all those 'ald cnuts who hang around here and take the piss out of everyone, I'm sure they'll have some good ones.
  2. One i always liked was "You stop running and im going to shoot you in the face" always works
  3. went running down the lake once with a few people from school and the 'I have to whip the fat kid' is always a good one
  4. "Last three back in, do it again" - during basic

    "Right do you see that flagpole <squints into distance>)" - on the ranges prior to weapons test in basic

    "Must keep going as do not want the shame of remedial" - had tonsilitus

    "I know what you are drinking" - after a capt had pissed off an entire crew

    "I will have a smoke at the end of this" - how to annoy the PTI's

    "They can't make you pregnant" - general usage

    "Hmm - Sgt twat is falling back now to really leave him behind and piss off the blubbery gobshit knob"
  5. For when it is cold, wet and miserable, dug in on some OP somewhere in Wales: "Fúck this for a game of soldiers, I'm going to flip burgers for Macky D".

    or how about: "its all bólloxs"?
  6. If you were 3/5 of the way through and only had about 4 minutes left that means that you were only going to be running for approx 10 minutes............

    And you wanted to stop...........WHY..........are you a fat turd who could not run a bath?

    But to answer your one of the "ald cnuts" as you stated i dont ever stop as it is much harder to start again.
  7. 'If you finish behind any of the fems, then you are officially a p00f in the eyes of the troop' was always a good motivator, as was 'If you stop running I will fcuking batter you'...
  8. setting one's self milestones to stop at is a good one. "i shall stop at the tree" and then not stopping infact, and saying "i aint gonna stop for sh*t" and not stopping, infact you speed up and therefore are solid, init.
  9. a good one for Drill:-

    Drill is like **** sex for women - you might not like it, but every now and then, you just have to do it.

    (Only to the correct audience of course)
  10. i remember when i posted that comment about 'no way am i getting a civi job, i came here to join the army...'

    just dont give up! its pointless. say your suffering on the 1.5m run, just think its only going to be about 10mins (depending on how fast or slow you run it) of pain.

    nothing lasts forever!
  11. If you can fill the unforgiving minute
    With sixty seconds' worth of distance run,
    Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
    And which is more you'll be a Man, my son !
  12. "pays to be a winner" (said by DS when a sprog, shortly followed by "again")
    FIDO (fight it, drive on) - Heard in long valley once
  13. Don´t get a bag on, get a mag on and stag on

    What´s 6ft long, white and empty tonight`?

    "Don´t cry" in a really high pitched voice.

    "Nobby Nightmare" no idea what it means, but my Troop Sgt in training said it alot.

    "Oh dear, how sad, never mind".

    Phone the Padre, he might give a flying...

    She´s no quitter...

    Pain is natures way of telling you you are still alive.
  14. A classic from the 80`s

    Don`t buy Video, Don`t buy a Car
    Save up your money and PVR
  15. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    One that my Army Careers Adviser used the other day, which as cheesy as it sounds, it actually (in my mind, at least) quite effective:

    "The motto of the Army is Be The Best; not Be The Second Best.."

    Other ones to do with being mocked for being sh1te are quite useful, at least to me..

    "Pain lasts for minutes, Pride lasts for a lifetime"