Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by w.e.s.t, Mar 6, 2008.

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  1. I'd just like to hear what motivates other people to run that extra mile, especially when your on your own taking responsibility for your own fitness. Tell us the words of encouragement that you remember, or the things or people that go through your mind and inspire you to keep going!

    Share it and maybe you could inspire a few other people to push that bit harder with their fitness. Including me!
  2. Thinking of the benefits and that it all turns you into a macho man ;)
  3. Knowing at the end I would be part of the Maroon Machine. AIRBORNE
  4. All good, not after a maroon beret tho and I already a macho man...honest! :wink:
  5. "The Zulu's can run fifteen miles and fight a battle at the end of it. "

    Lt. Adendorf.
  6. take this with a pinch of salt and a gram of cocaine - on the risk of sounding like a proper twat i imagine i am being chased, if you have ever seen the work of fiction that is the film Bravo Two Zero when they are running through the desert to the tune of "in the air tonight" i always think of that and i just keep going. Okay there i said it!
  7. You're a brave man callum. I admire you for your honesty. Now go in the corner and have a quiet word with yourself!
  8. seconded
  9. I do it to prove everyone wrong.
  10. Because I want to better than all the fat lazy retards that I work with. Also, I like to push myself just to know that I can do it.
  11. record some motivational music on the ipod. Stuff that will motivate you like the theme tunes to films that inspire you. Then think macho thoughts. Running where there are people always makes me work that bit harder too (wouldnt want them thinking Im a slow fat civvy now would I.
  12. fill the ipod with shameful music. stuff that you love but if anyone found out you listened to it, you would have a bath with the toaster. It will make you run from the shame.
  13. The fact that i'm not tired yet usually motivates me to run that extra mile, knowing fully that if my body isn't feeling fcuked at the end of my run then i haven't worked hard enough!

    Or you could try this, if your running 4 miles currently, find a pub that's 5 miles away and run that extra mile knowing that at the end of it a cold pint of beer awaits, then at closing time run back drunk :D
  14. All sounds good, will do the ipod (motivation not shame) thing...the pub thing is a problem tho cos no matter which way i run i end up at a pub before 5 miles, just the way it is ...wont get anywhere if i stop at any of em! ...running circles bores me to tears...not long till i start basic anyway so i'm sure that i'll be running "that extra mile" then! ha :D can't wait to be beasted till i cry!! :wink:
  15. Just got to imagine yourself as mr t in the rocky III montage.............. :D

    Punctuated with such useful Mr T catchphrases as :

    "I'm goin kill him!"

    "Get some nuts!"