Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by gemma50, Oct 19, 2010.

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  1. Hi everyone.!
    I'm new to this forum and just wondered if I could have some help please.!
    I was doing really well with keeping my fitness up but now I've only been working out 2-3 times a week instead of the usual 7 times in 5 days..! saying that though my run time is still good :) I'm hoping to do my 2 day selection I'm December and want to keep my fitness up. Anyone suggest anything for motivation? As I've also just lost my running partner..!
    Would appreciate any advice or tips.!

  2. Your user name is Gemma, so I'm assuming you are female. Whack a picture up so I can best advise on what motivation you need.
  3. 7 times in 5 days is bad for you. If you're training properly.

    Shagging is good exercise, when are you free for some tuition?
  4. Sounds like you are overtraining a bit anyway. For motivation I usually tell myself that I can do a quick 4 miler in less time than it takes to watch the news.
  5. This type of question comes up all the time and the answer is always the same. All anyone on here can tell you is how they motivate them selves which most probably won't work for you. You need to just get up and do whatever it is you need to, instead of thinking or I'll just wait or I've done enough this week, I'll do it another day. Everybody does it and if they say they don't their lying but you have to keep it in check and make sure it's not happening too often. So to summarise "get off your arrse and get on with it".
  6. Depends how much you want in, that should be all the motivation you need. Or become a stripper part time, most of them are pretty fit.
  7. Get another running partner, not safe out there, especially along the River Bollin as it trickles merrily through Wilmslow
  8. get the ipod with some decent music and just set off running soon you will forget about needing a running partner. try cut you training down to 3-4 times a week, you dont want to smash your self too much, i found eating properly made me really motivated because your body is full of energy.

    but you really need to find something that works for you :)
  9. I find that if I am low on hydration (not had at least 3 pints of water) I feel lethargic and really can't be arrsed doing any form of physical work. Once I have sat on my xbox long enough and downed enough water to be pissing every 5 minutes I am raring to go. Or is it all them games of call of duty I have just been playing?
  10. I am not responsible for the links, thank arrse for that.
  11. Thanks for the advice from some of you. From others I'm not likely to meet up for a shag or put a picture up sorry.!!
    I have noticed that when I do less training I work out better, today I done a 4 mile run in 32 mins n done my 1.5 miles in 11 mins so new PB..! and I really didn't want to train tonight but dug deep for self motivation and feel really good about it now.! So thanks for the advice people
  12. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    It's easy to over-train and lose motivation. Adopt a hard day/easy day and hard week/easy week regime.
    Try and find a new training partner or join a sports club. Find some races to take part in to give you a target to aim for. 5 to 10km events would be fine, cross country or road.
  13. Wicked thank you very much.! I have just completed the 10k British Military Fitness Challenge yesterday and I do admit it has motivated me more, and I'm now considering a half marathon to boost my training for the Army too.! So thanks.!
  14. I would post something funny, but here goes!
    I prefer to get fit using the local gym, mostly as the music/tv helps the time to go quicker & running on tarmac shaggs my knees up!
    Try to do a mixture of training, 1 day long run followed by short bursts, oh and have a rucksack with weights in it!!
    Day 2 try running up a hill if you have one nearby or just increase your total distance.
    I prefer to have a really hard day followed by an easy day and try to workout everyother day if possible.
    This week i have had today off and will run/walk tomorrow.

    Good luck, oh and have you thought of joining the BMF group local to you?
    Most instructors are ex-regs and do, do a really good job in getting you fit!!!

    Sorry but i have to ask this, what are your vital statistics;-)
  15. Vital statistics? Lol
    Yeah that's what I've been doing at the moment.! I've been with BMF for about 4 months and have been doing as many events or sessions as possible. But yeah I think I do need to mix it up a bit more like your type of training.!