Motivation? needed!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Ravensnest, May 26, 2007.

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  1. Hey, i'm looking to join the TA soon (looking to join regulars when my fitness is better). I started training last year for the regulars and got as far in the careers office as booking the RSC dates. In truth i panicked a bit as my fitness level wasn't filling me with hope. At 18 6 foot and 15 stone, weight that i cant shift for some reason. It left me out of the BMI green zone. However as my recruitment dude said i wasn't fat, just built like a brickshithouse he was gonna send a reccomendation thru. But i couldn't get my run time past 13 mins (i wanted to go infantry, then RGJ now part of the rifles i hear), it also leaves me incapable of doing more than like 5 pull ups and decided to leave it for then.

    Had a few problems at home and decided not to pursue the training anymore. I applied for the police (don't start :eek: ) and suprise suprise, turned me down because i'm white basically. Shaking the idea out of my head i decided to look back to the army figuring if i joined the TA i'd get a better idea of the army life and fitness needs. BTW i know i definately want to do the army as a career, a couple of years of retail work as def put me off staying on civie street.

    Just looking for a motivational boost to help me stick at it this time

    Has anyone else been in that situation and beaten it, or feel like giving me a boot up the arrse for my sob story lol

    i'd appreciate the help tho
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Stop feeling sorry for yourself, get down to your local TA unit.

    They will be able to give you some fitness pointers.

    In the mean time, get onto google and start searching, or go to your local gym and start burning calories. Spend £25 for an hour of a private trainer's time to sort you with a plan.

  3. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get down to your local TA unit also try,if not already doing so, eating healthy cut out the junk food and also do pushups on a regular basis. build yourself up and also try running an increasing distance on a regular basis. GOOD LUCK
  4. Im actually at quite the other end of the spectrum, 5 "11 and 9 stone...if they let me keep my clothes on ;p. i started running a fair while ago and tbh it was killing me, i was struggling to run a mile all sorts of problems, shins hurting calves burning back sore etc

    All you gotta do is get out and keep at it the soreness and pains only lasts the first week (at least for me).

    only health and fitness resource i had readily available was

    try that and see how you get at week 4 or something now running is no problem to me and i could do situps all day but astill struggling with the push ups.

    at the end of the day you cant rely on other peoples motivation you just gotta have that one reason that you want this. you say civvy street isnt for you, then theres your motivation
  5. sorry didn't mean to cry about it lol. I've been doing some on off excerise down the gym and jog with the dogs instead of walking them. don't worry i wont bore ya with training suggestions either, spending a few mins lookin at the forums tends to answer all questions.

    I was wondering if anyone knew the kind of fitness reqs for the TA tho. there doesn't seem to be too much info on this.

    Also out of interest have the RGJ's TA companies been converted to the rifles now. Tho they did have the light infantry cap badge on there gates last time i looked (or have i answered my own question?

  6. msr

    msr LE

  7. you can get those self motivational tapes that you play at night and listen to as you sleep.

    I was going to get a copy for myself but I just couldn't be arrsed
  8. The thought of working in retail again should be enough to motivate you alone

    I've recently started following an exercise programme to get into shape since i visited my local Army careers office. It was tough at first with me being so terrible at running...However, i too spent a few years working in a run of the mill retail job and everytime i start to slack off in training i think of that job lol.
    Works for me anyway. :D
  9. If you can't motivate yourself to get to the standard the Army need to TRAIN you, how will you achieve the TA performance, in the TA you need to train yourself alot more as there isn't the time to do it every week with just the one drill night.

    Get off your arrse, reapply for the regulars, and start running. I started running only mile and a half to 2 miles. Its now more like 4 or 5 inc. hills. It is hard, you just have to grit your teeth and take the pain.

    Its that or be a civvy, thats enough motivation for me.
  10. if you cant motivate yourself what bloody good are you to the lads over in afgan and other place's.......stay clear dont enter your a bad seed and you will end up putting your army mates into danger rither then yourself......

    help yaself and go push some trollys round asda am some theres some guys that work there who can give u enough hints into getting motivated
  12. Also, take a stopwatch out with you whilst you're running, time yourself on a 1.5 - 2 mile route then try to better yourself each time. Helps to keep my mind on the run rather than getting bored and keeps me motivated for each run.

  13. aup pal know just what you mean over estimated my fitness took me a shockin 15 min to do 1.5 mile at 1st and rec office told me i was 4 stone over weight :cry: but if you just run and run and run your self raggid and eat the right stuff ul lose the weight, and time of your 1.5 mile but it defo wont happen over night
  14. Yes the police enjoy positive discrimination.. :O

    The best way to go about it is run and lower the instensity of your weight training, just do body excercises instead of weights (press ups etc.)

    All the best fatty ;)