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Hey ive recently been struggling to motivate myself in training and its starting to p*ss myself off.

Any tips ?

Hey ive recently been struggling to motivate myself in training and its starting to p*ss myself off.

Any tips ?

You started your application in October 2009 - So not even a year yet and you cant motivate yourself to train? Perhaps your in the wrong line of work matey.

Okay I will give you one bit of advice that I know is effective. Do you work? If so, use training as your method of commuting. For example I live 6 miles from work - so one day I will cycle there and home, the next I will bus in the morning and run home via Arthurs Seat (a big **** off hill in Edinburgh) which takes it to just under 10 miles. You have to get to work and back, so incorporate phys into your daily routine and you are far more likely to do it.

Seriously though, just ******* get a grip of yourself and get out running. Anticipation of the exercise is always far worse than the exercise itself.
Its not you cant motivate your self its you cant be bothered.

Lazy Cnut.

Best thing to do is go with a few mates or go to circuit classes someone there to motivate you especially seeing your fatter than them all. But serious mate if you cant motivate your self!!!!
I was doing fine over the past year then over past couple months or so particually when i started working ive been struggling
Since ur fcuking of in 3 weeks quit. Im sure your new life is more important than a couple of quid or getting dry bumbed by ur boss.

""Phase 1:AFC Harrogate 5th September 2010""
1 - Don't quit. If things go square (for whatever reason) Its better to have something to go back to then nothing. If you do leave then do it respectfully and give them notice. 2 - Listen to some music you like (not aggressive or you will go into adrenal fatigue and end up burning out in your run), think about what you are training for and what you need to get done. 3 - If its your cup of tea run through busy towns as generally you will not want to look "weak/unfit" infront of others and this will motivate you to move fast, swift and effortlessly. Bystanders and cars/busses will give you things to dodge too :)

Finally; as others pointed out, Get a faking grip. You are gonna be run into the ground for the whole length of your training. get used to things being sh!t and thrive on it. If you cant prevail in training it will be your demise in war.
dont bother eat chips drink your self into a coma. you wil pass out of training any way, i just have to look at the standard of some of the retards who come through the camp gates.
I think its down to the fact of how much you want it/it means to you. If your happy to piss away valuable time training in preparation for phase 1, you wont last 5mins when the time comes. Get off your arse and get it done.
I just needed to kick my self up the arrse and got myself back on track thanks guys :)
Meh, I didnt do any training before I got in.
Get a grip, I have to motivate myself to go out training and I am old enough to be your big brother! Can't be bothered before work, go after. Can't be bothered to go after work, get up earlier and go. There are lots of people who would like the opportunity to start phase 1 in Sept, Stop moaning and typing and go out now....
Not sure if this is motivation or laziness, but I left my job a bit earlier to put all my week into training for the next 6weeks. Even though I'm skint, I'd rather be skint barely affording a night out for a while but fitter, than saying sod it and lying about till I go.

I'd like to think It's motivational :) It's a great excuse to goto the gym, if someone asks you are you training for anything? Yes the army... name a better response? and no a night with your mates mother isn't a good enough excuse
Another thing to bear in mind - I'm assuming 1994 is when you were born- is that the pattern you set now is likely to follow you for the rest of your life. If you're a lazy skinny ****** now, you'll be a lazy fat ****** later in life. And then you'll go to an early grave, probably after several appearances on the Jeremy Kyle TV extravaganza of freakish bastards, and being fork-lifted out of your house by a team of pissed-off firemen. You'll be mourned by your local pie factory and nobody else because, as a lazy fat ******, you will have failed to attract any sort of mate, even the town munters will laugh at you. Your parents will have long since died of broken hearts from the disapointment you have caused them.
I always found that if I just chuck myself out the door in my running kit there's no option but to start running, don't let yourself get settled in front of the telly, playstation, internet, etc. And it was a good tip about crowds, if you've got any pride you'll want to look like you're hard as nails and that the run isn't really killing you (this works well when you can wear a regimental sweatshirt; if you look like a biff you'll be bringing shame to all who wear the cap badge).
Good luck and think of the main prize.
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