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I would be interested to hear what everyones motivation for joining was ?. On my recruit CADRE the vast majority of lads seem to be either ex Cadets or Army obsessives so think they know the ins and outs already !. I have to admit to feel a bit of a fraud as my motivation was character development, meet people, adventure training opportunites and to get super fit. I will no doubt be shot down here but until joining I had no interest in the military what so ever 8O 8O . Im well aware when trained of my responsibilities for mobilisation and would definately play my part but again I must be weird but 6-9 months away bores me (at the present time that is) whereas 95% of the lads in my CADRE all speak of signing up the moment they complete the CIC !.

My worry is that in reality could my current lack of passion for the army be found out am I really considered a time waster ?. If anyone has been in the same boat as me does the interest grow - Ive only just done RT1 but this feeling is bugging me - Im not sure whether its just insecurity as I naturally push away from my comfort zone or what. Dont get me wrong I have a great bunch of lads at my company and the recruit trainers are top notch and the guys in my CADRE are but most weekends so far Ive dreaded going and sometimes when we are being spoken to like crap I keep thinking 'remind me why I am here' but what keeps me going is I feel a great sense of achievement come Sunday.

I would be intrested in your thoughts

I don't think that you'll find hoardes of guys with the same reasons for joining as you. However, your desire to self-improve is as valid as anyone else's reasons.

At the end of the day, everything is about a balance. You have to gain from the army and the army has to gain from you. Your motivation and determination will be an asset to the army and you will gain 'character development' from it. . Most of the regular readers of the TA Forum, have sussed that you're very eager to learn and get things right, which is probably better than an ex cadet who thinks he knows it all.

There have always been times when we've thought of jacking/biffing it when it's cold, wet and shite, but we don't. I get the feeling that you won't either. You never know, it might just grow on you and in a couple of years, you'll be recruiting and training people not too disimiliar from yourself. :wink:
I'm at the same stage in my training as you, and have never been a Cadet or an Army obsessive as you put it. My motivations were very much along the same lines as you, wanted to improve myself as well as getting to do things which I haven't been able to do in my civillian life. After my degree I thought long and hard about joining the regs, however with my dad being disabled and me helping to look after him, and then getting a decent civvie job I put those plans on hold. As I still wanted to carry on my families traditions of being in the Army I thought I'll still be able to do that on a part time basis, hence joining the TA.

This will probably show my obvious lack of experience, and I'll expect to get shot down too, but as long as your committment to whatever job you're given is there then there shouldn't be too much of a problem. If you start monging it and take the p!$$ with levels of effort then that's when you'll be considered a time waster.
GreenSlime said:
Queen and Country! (No joke; I didn't even know you got paid for it).
There was of course that too. If things kick off then I want to be with a unit which I know, trust and have trained with, and want to be able to do my part.
I joined the TA for £34 a year, so that I know if I have a breakdown, my car will be covered comprehensively. Peace of mind you see.

Oh wait...
I joined because my mate did and he roped me in. I had absolutely no intention of joining the Army in any way shape or form.

That was in 1998 and an op tour ago ....

Your reasons for joining don't matter - its your reasons for staying that count! Once you've been in a bit and your skills are up the fact that you weren't a cadet will be immaterial.
I was in a very similar situation to yourself when i joined. Never been a cadet or obssesed with the army but decided to join as i wanted to feel as if i was doing something, meet new people and develop and aquire skills etc. Much like yourself.

That was just a few years ago and i have just passed my JNCO CADRE and am going from strength to strength whilst some of the others who joined around the same time who were ex cadets and army obssesed have fallen by the wayside. As long as you pull your weight and dont start to mong around then you should be fine. Good luck
i joined to serve the empire and its interest, and was looking to join the east india trading company, anyway when they informed me that the empire had fallen and the east india trading company dispanded, i tought, oh well crown and country will do. although i knew there was pay i thought it was still 4 shillings.

i would have liked to join the egs but i get better pay in civvy street and a better quality of life and because of the TA i get the best of both worlds.

anyway now i'm in i carn't leave dispite some times wanting to. i love to hate it and in the end i am quite happy being there even with all the changes that have occured in my time in.


edited to add i hate adventure training, well maybe not skining, with the TA. so its as well it was not the reason i joined.
i had run out of socks..............
Something I'd always wanted to do and with quite a few family members also having served it was sort of a family thing too, but also being brought up right next to Anfield, with a season ticket in hand and a footy, football is also a major thing I want to do, so thats why I joined the TA for now and not the reg's, to work on both. At the moment I may be going to America to play footy once I've overcome this injury, but if nothing works out I will be joining up full time...

Like I said, something I've always wanted to do, something I was brought up with along with football...
originaly i joined to get my self a military oriantated background and disaplined background for my future application to the police but after being in now for a whil i love it i love the comradery i love the banter i love the training
i may fcuk up every now and again but i would rather **** up on training and learn from it than learn from my mistakes
and if u seen the state i was in on day one
i am now pround to call my self a t.a soldier and am looking forwar to my first op tour once trained


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