Motion-activated surveillance cameras

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by Teddy_Novak, Aug 29, 2013.

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  1. I'm currently renting and very strongly suspect my landlord has been round without asking me. Naturally he denies it but some claggage that was in the loft has gone.

    I'd like to get a small, motion-activated surveillance camera as I'm off for a couple of weeks and would like to be able to prove the twat has been in, should he turn up again.

    Any suggestions ?

  2. Pop into MAPLIN.
  3. Have a Google for Chinky crapvendors. carry shitloads of dirt cheap electronic gear, cameras included. You may have to wait a couple of weeks for shipping though.
  4. Loads of them on Amazon, the only problem is the battery life, probably wouldn't last that long.: nanny cams
  5. FrosteeMARIA

    FrosteeMARIA LE Gallery Guru

    I picked one up from amazon for £30 - remote controlled via network, can record video, and takes snapshots (5 or so images) and emails them to you whenever movement is detected.

    IP webcam Internet CCTV camera infrated Nightview WiFi Wireless Pan Tilt IR black
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  6. It should be possible to buy one that you can plug into a socket that looks like it should be there, a clock for example, or a phone charger, so that it's mains powered.
  7. thanks - looks like a trip to Maplins -should have thought oif that

  8. ebay there are cheap ones, just look at spy cameras, look like alarm clock
  9. I have several Wansview ip cameras from ebay that are wireless and easy to set up. I can watch my property from anywhere over the net or on my phone. They also take pics and email them to me when motion is detected.
    Down side is they are visable, however I do have a static ip cam that is hidden as a backup.
    Caught a neighbour who knew of the cameras but forgot helping himself to my booze and watching tv plus rooting around where he shouldn't! (he had a key for emergencies).
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  10. With the thoughts of the covert type alarm clock camera

    The quality of the image is often compromised by using a pinhole lens or hiding it behind IR film or neutral density filters. This keeps the amount of light coming into the lens low which isn't good. Especially if indoors & lighting isn't great.

    That said if somebody is going into your home and they see an obvious camera and recorder it'll get pinched and your evidence goes with it.

    I have used these types of thing before with good effect.

    DVR Mini HD GEN6 - Mini DVR

    Bin the remote control as they are shite but the rest is ok. I can't remember how you power it for prolonged periods other than we used an external 12V source. Probably just 12V into the charging lead but best to phone to confirm. Benefit is that it comes with its own set up screen so you can frame your shot and they have a microphone also. Easy enough to make it discreet rather than completely covert.
  11. Why not tell him when you will be away, leave the house on that date but then sneak back home and hide behind the settee. Stockpile some sandwiches, flasks of tea etc so that you have something to eat and drink. Also some placcie bags to pee/poo in.

    If he enters the property you can jump out and catch him red handed without the need to buy any expensive cameras. Shouting "BOO!" or "surprise!" will give you the advantage of surprise in case he attacks you.

    If, by the time you are due back, he has not turned up you will no that your fears are unfounded and will have avoided spending cash on the cameras etc.

    Alternatively I'd go with the bear traps. Or booby trap the entrance to the attic...


  12. Get an AT to teach you to wire this up to a PIR device then inspect the body afterwards or when the coppers show you the pictures in the interview room [​IMG]

  13. Can you come and remove it from my bathroom please, you brazen strumpet
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