Motherwell Skipper Dies On Pitch

The 35-year-old midfielder fell to the ground just as he was about to be replaced with Marc Fitzpatrick near the end of Motherwell's 5-3 victory.

35 years old sports player? Shite!

My days are clearly numbered..
goon_bde said:
Billwhyman said:

here we go again
Rather than delete your post and send you a snotty pm, I'll do this openly so that everybody else can read and digest this message.

There are some dedicated sports fans in this forum who feel strongly about their games and the people who play them. If they wish to express any kind of sentiment about Phil O'Donnell that's their choice so keep your banal, childish and bandwagon-jumping comments to yourself. You don't have to post here in the same way that I don't have to post in Juniors and you are impressing no-one.
trombone84 said:
i'm sorry to hear this.


Billwhyman said:

A sad day for Scottish football.
Scottish football? Is this a wah?
I didn't see the illustrious Englandshires name on the list of made its to the next major championship either sassenach, but your very welcome to the fact that the best of your teams of modern times is run by none other than Sir Alex Ferguson ( another Jock with a railway sleeper on his shoulder ) and that your national team is sinking like a stone due to Johny Foreigners invading your premiership as that's where the top dollar of today is paid. So go on have a go at Scottish football, at least mostly all of our teams have local lads in them, one of whom you may have noticed passes away today playing the game he loved
Unfortunately, Sudden Cardiac Arrest can and does occur at any age , whilst working as a Sports Therapist in the sports of Rugby, Australian Rules and even Soccer I have had to perform CPR on Athletes , the youngest being 14 years.(He didn't survive)

Sympathy to his family, fellow players , coaches and the medical staff who had to work on him.
Getting back to the point, once again a good man playing for the jersey has his time cut short too soon. I remember when davie cooper had his boots hung up by the big man upstairs.

My thoughts as a Falkirk bairn are with not only family and friends but also all those young supporters who will be wondering exactly what happened today and why their dad's have a tear in their eye next Saturday at 3pm.

RIP Mr O'Donnell

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