Mothers lose fight for public enquiry

Right not sure where i stand on this arguement as i think there should be an enquirey if there is any doubt to cause of death and especially those involving friendly fire

What really got my goat though about this article is the fact of the two photos displayed one is of a RM TACP FAC called Major Phil Guy KIA in the helicopter crash that killed 8 members of the Brigade Recce Force during the initial stages of Op Telic and not either of the troops mentioned in the artilce!
There have been Army Boards of Inquiry into these deaths. The mothers wanted an independent Public Inquiry. I don't think an independent review would shed any new light whatsoever on the specific causes of death in these two incidents (in fact, I think non-military analysis of military action is clumsy at best, and downright incompetent at worst - witness some of the Oxford Coroner's more creative statements). Whether a PI should be held into the decision to go to war is an entirely different matter - I tend to think maximum scrutiny of the political decisions would be a very good thing for democracy.