Mothers in the Army!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Leeanne1980, Feb 4, 2002.

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  1. Are we really just an Admin problem?? Or do people just make it that way to push us out the Army?? Does anybody have any answers????
  2. I think that some mothers are an admin nightmare. Please note I said SOME. Dont know if they are a majority or a minority. Personally I do not think that the Army is compatible with Single parenthood. (Please note I said Personally!). It is one thing to go back to TESCO or a Bank or School to work after childbirth, at least you have set hours of work and very little chance of being away from home for long spells. Must wreak havoc with your emotions etc to have to deploy for 6 months leaving a baby behind. I know I used to miss the kids, but cant imagine what it is like for a mum to have to leave her baby. I wonder if there is a way of keeping the experience and the penalty for not being deployable is a reduction in pay. However if you are in a non deployable post the MOD will always attempt to either get rid of it or civilianise it. But to get back to the Question, yes many have been admin problems purely because it is difficult for them to get short notice childcare or they cannot get prolonged childcare for deployments. Normally someone else gets pinged (Invariably but not exclusively a singly) at short notice and that breeds contempt. Would be interested to hear your perspective Leeanne.
  3. I personally think they should take a year or two out to bond and stabalise a bit but still have the option to join back as the rank they left
  4. Why let them have baby's in the first place, didn't women too sign on that dotted line, or did it say,
    can have time off for sproggs. :-X
  5. gs 750 did´nt your mum ever tell you about the birds and the bees what a stupid sentence WHY LET THEM AVE BABIES IN THE FIRST PLACE obviously they don´t make them on there own it requires a little bit of yogurt from the one eyed yogurt pumping machine. Its one of those things :p but mothers in the army seem to get more of a raw deal just because there serving. What i don´t agree with is SOME women using it as an excuse to get out cos they can´t handle army life. nuff said
  6. Trog, In what way do you think that mothers in the army seem to get more of a raw deal just because they are serving?
  7. personally i have no problems with single mothers in the army, and i agree with harry about the time out thing.
    the caveat with this though, must be that they start at the beginning of their leaving rank grade when they come back in  and that they only get half pay while taking time out.
    this squares it for the rest of the squaddies-or is it naive?
  8. Tea Up!!............Who's going to be Mother???  
  9. Mind you having given it more thought, I do not think I would have enjoyed it if my mum had been in the army. Would we have used each others ranks? No I dont agree with mothers in the Army.
  10. We're in the Millenium now Tara, it's not the 1930's anymore!!!
  11. Yeah but I still wouldn't want to serve in the same unit as my mother or have I misunderstood the question!!!!
  12. Seriously though Leeanne, I did answer sensibly earlier on this board.
  13. Dear Tara,
    Yeah, I think you have misunderstood the question! (Sorry if I did'nt explain the question enough).
    I mean female women squaddies that you work with having kiddies whilst serving!!!!Do u agree with it!!!
  14. WHAT!
    Women in the army serving?
    Are you trying to tell me they have let women join the ranks of the army? You do mean WRACs don't you?

    I knew they had forgotton about me in that trench. Thought it was a rather long stag.


    So let me get this straight.
    They have let women in.
    Now they can have kids and stay in?
    You will be telling me they get extra leave next, or shorter BFT times, or they can carry less weight on a CFT?
    Still there is a pre made creche in the army. 7Bn REME WO's & Sgt mess. (Average age of the tech Snco is 19months!)