Mothers Body Kept In Freezer For 20 Years

That's cold, that is...
What an Ice Queen. She really has a cold heart.
I would like to know the make of the freezer.....not many keep on running that long these days


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She's on ice.
Oh fcuk,

You mean you're NOT supposed to keep it in the freezer..........

Dad: "What do you mean your mum's not in the freezer... 'course she's in there!"
Son: "I'm telling you she's gone... look for yourself. There's only a large Christmas turkey"
Dad: "What are you talking about! We had that last Christmas. errr.... "
This is just up the road from me, I wonder if I know their neighbours.
I can imagine the scenario, I'm defrosting my freezer can you put some stuff in yours for a few hours
Next day, this food we got back yesterday and defrosted dont half taste like old people.....!!!!!
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