Mother takes son out school for having ginger hair

A mother has taken her son out of school after he was teased for having red hair.Serious bit-every child should be free from bullying at school (to appease you Guardianistas).Am at work so unable to provide a link so if any of you peepes could do the honours...................
I know it's the NAAFI but I'm going to be serious here. The woman wants slapping, she's setting her kid up to be one of those whinging fuckers who complains as soon as someone gives them a nasty look.

I've got two ginger kids who surprisingly (I thought) never had a word said about it whilst they were at primary school. As soon as the eldest went to senior school, the name calling started and yes, she came home in tears about it more than once. What was my response? "You're ginger for the rest of your life, you might as well get used to it!" She went through a few years of dying her hair, got fed up and is now back to her natural colour. Still glares at me when I tell a ginger joke or tell them they're the reason I'm single (who wants ginger step-kids?!), but she gets on with it. The younger one is a lot tougher and is usually the one in the house telling ginger jokes.

Edited to add: Having now read the article, I'm even more of the opinion mother is a fuckwit, and what else can we expect from the DM? Outrage headline and if you can be bothered reading the whole article you find out there's more to the story... another one seeking her 5 minutes of fame.
Too much of wrapping kids up in cotton wool nowadays. My niece is a gwar, she unfortunately caught the ginger gene from my sis and mum. I think she's been getting some stick for it and she's taken to putting those stupid wash out after a while dyes in her hair. She's 14 and she's a stunning looking lassie and I keep telling her that when she's older the lads will be drooling after her (as no matter how many people protest about it, every man wants a redhead!).As this is the NAAFI and I wouldnt want to be accused of sensibility......titty sprinkles!
Happy to oblige.

Mother's fury after school suggests her ginger son is taught in isolation to stop bullies' taunts about his hair | Mail Online

Mums not doing her son any favours at all here. She would've been better of going on Jeremy Kyle. Stupid woman.
I agree mate she's done him no favours at all poor cunt, ok, he's a ginger, and he's going to get the piss taken out of him, so fucking what, it's not like they're going to fucking gas him or anything, and lets be honest he's not the only kid in school getting the piss ripped out of them there are the fat kids, the smelly kids, the poor kids, the posh kids, the black kids, the white kids, the mong kids, the ugly kids, the kids with freddy boswell hair, the kids with hair lips the kids who are crap at sports, the kids who are too clever, the kids who are thick, fucking hell its a warzone.
Thing is, they'll learn to give as good as they get or they'll learn to be little defenceless victims who's mummy will look after them forever.

I'd choose to let them get on with it, the world is full of people who are just waiting to take advantage of the people who won't stand up for themselves. By dealing with this now when he's a kid it will make his life a lot fucking easier.

I can understand her maternal instincts kicking in and wanting to defend her child but she has to let him learn to look after himself.
As much as no one deserves to be bullied, it happens, its part of life and no matter how hard we try how many laws there are or rules against it you'll never stop kids being kids.

Daft cow.
I've just shown the link to my youngest who started laughing...
Mmmm, gingers....................
All ginger children should be pulled from all school and 'relocated' to purpose-built camps with special showers. This will be the answer to the 'Ginger' question, I foresee.
All ginger children should be pulled from all school and 'relocated' to purpose-built camps with special showers. This will be the answer to the 'Ginger' solution, I foresee.
You do know gingers will be the master race in the future, right?
Three words that make me think the Mum is a cunt: Full. Time. Mum.

To three kids, all of secondary school age? She needs to get a fuckin job and stop either sponging benifits or doing the hubby-works-while-I'm-busy-watching-Loose-Women thing.


How long before this little carrot-top goes postal?


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