Mother opposed to radiotherapy for son

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Prefect, Dec 21, 2012.

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  1. BBC News - Neon Roberts 'should have radiotherapy' for tumour

    A seven-year-old boy at the centre of a legal dispute over cancer treatment should be given radiotherapy as soon as possible, a High Court judge has heard.

    Neon Roberts underwent surgery on a brain tumour on Wednesday against his mother's wishes.

    Sally Roberts, 37, wanted a delay until more doctors had been consulted, and does not want him to have radiotherapy because she has future health concerns.

    Doctors said Neon's condition would worsen without further treatment..................

    The dad wants his son to be treated but Mum is against it despite professional advice to proceed. Would not his immediate health would be most parent's first concern?

    And surely if you've called your kid Neon then it's only right that he should glow in the dark?
  2. I recall some parents refusing MMR and all other childhood immunisations for their son, totally adamant he wasn't having them. The mother came for a tetanus injection after cutting her hand.
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  3. I believe the mother is some sort of new age twat who wants her son treated with homeopathic "medicine" (i.e. Water). Her kid should have been taken into care as soon as she tried to stop his treatment. Same as they do with Jehovas Witnesses who try to stop their kids having blood transfusions.
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  4. Priceless. Didn't that MMR fuss all prove to be a misunderstanding in the end? The jab was perfectly ok but everyone was flapping and claiming it caused or worsened autism with no evidence.
  5. ISTR the doctor who stirred all that up was struck off. I think the quality of his research was questionable.
  6. The poor kid should have been taken into care as soon as the c*nts decided to call him Neon!
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  7. It was dreadful she was in a terrible flap needed sutures and I suppose I could have used steri-strips but I was a tad busy so told her to go to A&E. The child seemingly had to be protected from harmful things like tetanus injections but the mother was desperate for one.
  8. I think this woman is just misguided and needs it explaining very sensitively that what she is in fact doing isn't in her childs best intersets. If that fails it's then time to give her a MASSIVE kick in her ****.
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  9. That happened with a bloke I went to school with.
    His little sister was diagnosed with leukemia but being Jehovahs their religion said no to blood transfusions.
    Apparently, after a little deliberation they decided that their religion could take a running jump and they didn't want **** all to do with any god that would let an 12 year old kid die for nothing.
    From what he said to me after, friends of the family that they've known for years have nothing to do with them now because they chose their little girl over god.

    As for little Neon, surely there must be some way to remove the tumour from him and implant it in the mother.
    See how eager she is for her happy clappy hippy remedies she is then.

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  10. The boy's name is 'Neon'. I think that tells you all you need to know about the mother.
  11. Whilst I agree that the welfare of the child must take priority as per the cases you have been talking about, I do see a danger of state intervention becoming the norm. We complain about the chav scum that sit at home and won't think or do for themselves but wait to be spoonfed by the state and yet when someone stands up and says "No" (misguided though she may be) she immediately pilloried for not conforming.
  12. Hmm, fears of future infertility would be foremost in my mind rather than the child's death!
    In photos and in footage seen on the news she seems to have a 'Look at me' smile on her dial.
  13. But still smashable . .


  14. I don't think she's getting grief for not conforming with the government.
    She's getting grief for being a deluded hippy who probably thinks that Himilayan bath water with and infusion of witchhazel and unicorn piss is an effective cure for the cancer that is killing her son.

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  15. Mac, I was using her as an example (there are probably much better ones) of how the individual is being forced to conform more and more with what the "great and the good" think is best for us.
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