Mother of dead soldier to stand against armedforces minister

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Apr 8, 2005.

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  1. Rose Gentle, whose son was a British soldier killed in Iraq, will be standing against Armed Forces Minister, Adam Ingram in Scottland.

    The Scottish Socialist Party have agreed to step down.

    This follows in the footsteps of fellow Military Families Against the War founder, Reg Keys who is standing against Blair
  2. You go, girl!

    All Tories in that constituency, make sure you vote Socialist, I mean Gentle! To be honest, I feel sorry for Gordon, he was just a kid and now all this... :(
  3. I think some circles of British society would take anyone who could replace Tony Blair...
  4. Again, i have great sympathy for someone who lost a loved one in op telic, but as with the father of one of the murderd red caps (Who is also standing), i think they really need to give politics a miss. They are a one policy candidate and whilst i sympathise with their cause(s), i would question their motives for standing (as i did with David Shayler). We all know you feel betrayed by the govt (and your not alone!) but dont get involved in this mess, just help your local anti-war party and let them do the talking for you.

  5. A waste of effort and goodwill. I have nothing but sympathy for her, but this won't bring her son back.
  6. I can't back the other posters up enough. The majority of us think it was a load of bollox. It is sad,tragic and fcuking horrible that their children were killed during the war. I wish they weren't, but it happened. Unfortunatley, nothing will bring them back. Whether you think the war was right or not, the fact of the matter is that there are still British soldiers over there. They could do with your support instead of the stuff they read every day in the papers etc.
  7. [this part deleted: crap]
    Here's a minor positive point to me: no one's bashed the RHF, even though civvies don't usually care about such "details" as a lack of fault if there's a story to be had.

    AFAIK, Rose Gentle has no problem with the Army, has visited the RHF RHQ since, and generally has stayed surprisingly focus on her target: Tony.

    Shame that - to be brutally, brutally honest, she seems to have nothing to offer politics but her dead son <ouch>. In the unlikely even that she is elected, I sincerely hope that I will be proven wrong.
  9. Yep, you're right. Ignore that sentence. Should have checked it before I posted. It doesn't make sense and doesn't really reflect what I wanted to say. In fact, it sounds absolutely heartless and horrible Me numbnuts. Me stupid.

    I think my sentiment was that people who win medals or die in "suspicious" or extraordinary circumstances get a lot more coverage, which is a shame. Everyone's focused a lot more on Rose than Gordon, and that pisses me off. He was a fine young man who'd only just passed through the ITC. They should have focused more on him, IMHO. Those brief MOD press releases which say virtually nothing about the deceased really don't help, either.
  10. Fair play mate, I see your point. But you have to remember, and I'm not taking anything away from anyone, a lot of us were very young when we started doing this job and we were exposed to the same risks. It doesn't make it right, it's just one of those things that soldiers do.
  11. Absolutely agreed. Anyone who takes the Queen's shilling knows the risk.

    If you go the opposite way of the British Joe-public approach, you end up like the Third Reich or the US, where soldiers and militarism are glorified and the end result is still the same - soldiers die, and a bloody waste it is too.
    In the end, the civpop always wants to keep a bit of a buffer between itself and its soldiers. Keeps things easier on the conscience. I guess deep down most people don't want to know more about those who died (discuss).
  12. I must agree with the majority of posters. yes it's very sad for such a young man to die in that sh"thole, but i think his mum is on such a mission for vengeance against anyone even remotely connected with that toilet that she has lost the plot. I pray that she finds peace.
  13. I feel for this women. It gets my goat that the anti war tribe are taking advantage of someone who is still in grief. The sad fact is, it will be some time before she smells the coffee, by that time these people would have moved on.
  14. I agree it is a tragic waste for any soldier to die on duty, but as has been mentioned many times before, that is part of the job description. Yes the lad was fresh from ITC but he had carried out the OPTAG training as had all the others.

    I think the mother needs help, not idiots pushing her forward in to public office. I'm no counciler or shrink, but it's painfully obvious she is still grieving but aiming it all at big tony and the labour party. If you have the chance, don't vote for her and do her a favour.

    If she gets in, I don't even want to think about what might happen!!