Mother of 2 jailed for false rape claim.

Now not one to take the piss or owt (stop sniggering at the back) but I think this should be bloody lucky she was getting anything at all.

Linky Bit
I can concur that she is one unfortunate looking member of the species.

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She(?) is the mother of two??!! I can only assume the father(s) is/are drunken sqaddies or matelots. I mean she gives the term grimmy a new meaning.


She's fucking lush. Don't fucking say you wouldn't either.

Might need to uprate the rape van though...

^ awesome description. Well done sirrah!

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Why haven't the fathers of her children been arrested? If they've shagged that I'd say they need sectioning for their own good.
Isn't it offense to shag a Mong? Not like she can give informed consent.
She does look a bit of low-watter. Perhaps someone needs to sit her down and explain slowly and gently what rape is. But on no account ask her to draw what happened. She'd only eat the crayons.
It's Jack Osborne ffs!
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