Mother of 11 "Treats her womb like a clown car"

Martin O'Neill said: 'It's a complete disgrace. Her and her kids have wrecked the house that they're in already, and they're going to no doubt trash the new house.
'The ceilings are falling down, they have more animals than kids, and the whole place stinks.'
He said the family have lots of pets, including dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits and a bird.
The 27-year-old added: 'She's got way too many kids as it is. She treats her womb like a clown car.'

Home fit for a dole queen: Mother of 11 gets BRAND NEW £400,000 house built by council because she's 'struggling' in her two current homes | Mail Online

Makes a change from a wizard's sleeve I suppose. I wonder if Mr O'Neill is a member here; there's something familiar about his turn of phrase...


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probably hoping she will get a right to buy deal and the kids can do enough paper rounds to pay for it
She is now sterile after having cervical cancer in 2011
small mercy and 10 kids too late....... anyone else want to hazard a guess at what minority religious group she was born into?
is that Martin o'Neil the Sunderland Manager?

I have a wonderful mental image of one of her fanny lips falling off as Martin O'Neil squeezes one of those old style rubber car horns

edited to add ARHOOGAH!!

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