Mother Natures Revenge

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Micawber, Nov 7, 2009.

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  1. With squaddies having served in all the World's most hostile natural environments, and in
    the spirit of the eye watering 'worst pain' thread, what is the worst thing the Flora and
    Fauna have inflicted on you?
    Hoping for horrific tales of snakes, scorpions, mahoosive spiders, parasites, disease and
    things that crawl up your knob..
  2. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Blinkin nettles in Otterburn, bloody dangerous they are

  3. I am of the thought this would be best in the NAAFI?
  4. Gren, I'm sure you are right, if you know how to do that feel free.
  5. On a x-country run in Catterick, running through woods down by the Swale, I stopped to let someone catch up with me. Felt a prickling sensation on my legs and looked down to see I'd stopped on top of some sort of wasps/hornets nest and the little feckers were all over me. As sole female on Gaza Barracks (apart from NAAFI staff) at that time, cue medics lining up volunteering to extract stings.

    I had good legs back then, they'd be running in the other direction now...
  6. AAGF


    Your legs or the medics? :p

    You might get in touch with OFH - he seems "appreciative" :lol:
  7. I am of the thought this would be best in The HOLE!
  8. You don't want to know what I do with Flora in private ;)
  9. Where you spread margerine is your business.
  10. I once got a Grass cut on my thumb which hurt like a bastard while walking to the NAAFI bar in Akrotiri.
  11. Got bitten by, an otter - UK , big milipeed thing (six inches long and as thick as my thumb )- Kenya , millions of midges - Scotland, big black beetle - Tanzania . Must learn to control my impulse to pick things up or try and get a closer look.
  12. Phytophotodermatitis from clearing some bastard bushes.

    Very nasty :x
  13. Woke up in Kuwait one morning with a Scorpion making its way back out of my Bivi bag. He must have heard the call of stand to before me as he was already suited and booted and pottered off to his fire position............ Before we killed him with a H83 Container.
  14. Whilst stationed at JHQ with MND(C) many moons ago, we were out on a little cross country run around the woods. A certain officer decides to be cheeky and take a bit of a shortcut so he can catch up with the pack. He disturbed some hawk (or huge fookin eagle as he described it) which then took the opportunity to attack him and claw his baldy nut pretty severely. We thought some mad axe murderer had had a pop at him in the woods!!
  15. Once whilst poking a wasp's nest with a broom handle one of the little feckers zapped me on the top of my head felt like i had a nail knocked into me.

    I'd like to say this was when i was a little kid, but was a month ago whilst bored at work and i really am old enough to know better! :oops: