Mother kills son and no jail time.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by the_guru, Oct 23, 2006.

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    My personal opinion on this is that this "woman" cold bloodedly murdered her child. According to the Ploice, she showed no remorse. Why the fcuk is she not doing time? I have had experience of PND, but there is no excuse to cover this sort of behaviour.

    She should be sterilised.
  2. if she had post-natal depression why did the father of the child not take the child to live with him for the child's safety? She should not have been left alone like that
  3. She did it because she was ill. Post natal depression often causes psychosis in sufferers.
  4. It doesn't sound like she was suffering from psychotic depression. More like an attention seeker whose stunt went horribly wrong, resulting in her baby being burned alive.

    Hopefully, the prosecution will appeal against the sentence and mum will be banged up for a long time.
  5. It makes a mockery of justice and sends out the message that this crime is ok. She should be strung up and gutted.
  6. If it makes anyone feel better from a psychiatric point of view I'm sure she's reliving it every day.
  7. Good and so she should. Pitty the young bairn won't though will he.
  8. So fcuking what. She should rot for what she has done. There is too much of this "arm round the shoulder" stuff. In a few instances it is warranted. In this instance it is not.
  9. I've made this post on behalf of another site member who doesn't wish to be identified, but she knows of what she speaks on this matter.

    While I don't condone what she has done, IF she is suffering PND then I can begin to understand it.

    It is something that is brushed under the carpet all to often, leading to people not getting help. It's real people and it's out there. More needs to be done to help people realise this and that it's not "wrong" to feel like this.

    I didn't believe depression was real until a couple of my friends had it. That made me realise that mental illnesses need treatment and support.

    Poppy you asked why the father of the child didn't take him for his
    own well being. Did the father know she was ill?
    Why should a child be removed from thier mother because she is ill?
    Will this help in anyway?
    In this case yes the child may have been still alive, but at what cost to the many other mothers who have PND and yet don't kill their kids?
    Do we take children away from ALL mothers suffering PND? If we should, then why didn't social services act sooner?

    Fablonbiffchit,redshaggydog, Do you have any experience in this kind of illness? It's very real and not a cry for attention.

    The Guru, you say you have experience of PND;
    I take it not from a personal angle. As in happened to you personally.
    It affects everyone differently to different levels and degrees.

    She made a terrible mistake. what you think are no signs of remorse could just be her finding it very difficult to come to terms with the fact she's killed her baby.

    Do any of us on this site not believe PTSD is real? So why do some of you think PPD/PND isn't just as real?
  10. If somebody came back from Iraq/Afghanistan suffering from PTSD and killed somebody would they be spared jail? I very much doubt it.
  11. PND is a valid illness without a doubt and has caused mothers to do some horrible things, including killing their child, but IIRC a characteristic seemed to be that the act was pretty much spur of the moment following a period of depression, and was then followed by a cover story, often involving a mystery attacker.

    From the press coverage (always an unreliable source) there does appear to have been at least some degree of premeditation or planning involved. Also, there was a history of missing appointments with SS. Without getting too nanny state about it the question has to be asked if there should have been any intervention, and if so at what stage?

    It'd be too easy to write her off as someone who used the baby as a manipulative tool to get her partner back when for a mother to even contemplate this would have to mean either extreme mental illness or extreme evil. It would also be too easy to say that nothing could be done, and it was all somebody's fault for not magically resolving the situation; that it was just an unfortunate incident caused by undiagnosed mental illness. Too easy, because as a father I just can't forgive anyone who let their kid burn to death (not smoke inhalation, but burns), who could have stopped (his screams were recorded on the 999 call) before it was too late. That's an emotional response, because people get emotional about this as above all other topics. Putting logical head on, probably some of all the above apply - it's a hard old world out there, and sometimes all the circumstances come together and you get a tragedy.

    She will undoubtedly live with this forever (I hope, and not in a vindictive way). However I can't agree with probation only. Unless completely barking, in which case she shouldn't be in the community, she must be feeling the most appalling guilt. Should she never receive even a short period of punishment so that she can put this behind her how is that guilt going to stop? I couldn't live with myself if I felt that I had 'got away' with something like this, even if I was mentally ill at the time.

  12. Oh it is a real thing alright, but there is something about this particular case that strikes me as plain wrong. She planned this with cunning and forethought. She should have burned, herself. In the deepest pits of hell.
  13. 'Infanticide'

    Sounds like something you spray on your tomatoes, doesn't it?

    It's not. It is where a mother can kill her child within the first year of life and walk away from court as a basket case. There is stacks of case law, all for the benefit of mum I am afraid.

    No doubt she will pop another out to some slack jawed chav local. I would be surprised if she wasn't tubbed up already.....wot wiv all the benefit tings she be losin' already and evryfink........init.
  14. I remember the case of a soldier’s wife in Germany, who had pnd. She tried to kill herself and was being watched by her husband and the medical peeps. One day she walked out of their msq and went to a quiet place and hung herself. She left behind her husband and her baby to grieve for her. Despite being used to death and tragedy in my line of work, this had profound effect on me. It was one of the saddest deaths I came to know in the SIB. I think that people who have never came across pnd can't sit in judgement. It is an illness, which can produce tragic results.
  15. Its nice to know that she has received a 3 year suspended sentence, she'll go to prison (or at least be threatened with it) if she kills any more children.