Mother in law from hell or good samaritan?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by steven seagull, Jan 31, 2012.

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  1. I was going to post this in Current Affairs but Afghan's behaving like fucking savage's is hardly breaking news is it?

    BBC News - Afghan woman is killed 'for giving birth to a girl'

    I initially thought "what a poisonous old crone" but then common sense kicked in and I remembered that every slit in my like is a pain in the arse. If my slit knocked out three identi-slits I'd be strapping a bomb vest on myself so really this old dear was doing the world a favour.

    So, is she a harridan from hell or did she do a public service? Discuss.

    (Or just argue among yourselves like usual.)
  2. Public service. Let that be a warning to the rest of them. I couldn't imagine anything worse than having a daughter.
  3. Because she might meet someone like you?
  4. They are a fuckin odd lot those muslim types, why not just keep killing the babies until a boy pops out?
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  5. In a nutshell.
  6. I quite like having a daughter, she acts like bait luring spotty emo nobheads within range of my fists.
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  7. You've met my lad then?

    Can you punch that fringe off his face and smash his Blackberry for me please? Thanks awfully.
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  8. Can't blame them really, it's bad enough having one bird on the blob never mind a housefull at once.
  9. Exactly. It's not like the silly cow didnt know she was on a sticky wicket after knocking out two gash's is it? After the second one she should have coated her womb with teflon.

    Or had it Crio'd as it's now known.....
  10. On the down=side, there is going to be a humongous imbalance between the sexes very soon.

    Most of Asia want boys, and are breeding selectively to get them.

  11. Would've been easier to whip out the coathanger and knitting needle. Once hubby finished battering her for conceiving a girl he can make another one.
  12. A wise old Choggie once said to me, quote "Any fool can father a son, but only a Man can make a woman", took me years to understand what he meant, then I took a look around at the gene pool inhabitants infesting our land.

    Comments on old white Fivers please.
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  13. Evolution, quite an interesting time to be living when modern society is meeting modern day medieval reckoning. It is similar to time travel.
    We are looking at living history, give it a few years and muslimism will be different again. Thank fuck its an ever decreasing circle.