Mother flucking god botherers.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by futurebootie, Feb 16, 2010.

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  1. Why the hell do these fcuktards feel the need to find out what someone else believes in and then attempt to poke holes in it.
    If you want to believe in a magic sky fairy leave me out of it, I don't care.

    I also don't care about you're percieved holes in Science, and the reason why Chimpanzees havent changed in "millions and millions" of years, perhaps it might be because no one was watching the fcuking things to see if the sprouted any new motherfucking body parts.

    Also being told that Im going to hell because I dont believe in some airy fairy fucking turd burgler in the sky p1sses me right off.
    He can suck my balls for all I care, well, he could, but he can't seem to help millions of people so I doubt he could manage that either.

    [/rant off]
  2. And they sometimes wear rumpled uniforms too.
  3. Damn them all too hell :D
  4. I'm a non-believer but I've always liked the aphorism 'There are no atheists in a slit-trench'.

    Which is more to do with hope that an unseen power will make a difference when under a stressful situation rather than a sudden conversion/epiphany. Personally I do think that you should all bend to my philosophy of good will to all (I'll decide who constitutes 'all')
  5. I have no problem with people using religion to find hope in their lives.
    My problem is when they feel the need to tell me Im wrong for being an infidel.
    But why do people need religion to act civvily towards each other anyway?
  6. Got told by a mormon the exact circle and location in hell I would be going, told him at least it has fucking central heating - he didn't take kindly to this statement and promptly stabbed me with the nearest pointy object (not his cock I might add), happy days :D
  7. Compliance.

    When people are frightened into a mode of life then they are so easily biddable. That's why religious leaders are always in bed with politicians.
  8. Fcukers should be shot, or fed to the lions..
    Donations to....

    The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Infidels
    FB Anti-Godbotherer Trust
    Gauteng Branch