Mother daughter reunion

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Ford_Prefect, Oct 19, 2007.

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  1. Stop me if i am wrong, please! Very promptly!

    Am i right to be pissed off with the comments below the article?

    "All very PC, but her first duty is to her child.

    - Jack Macguire, Ipswich, UK"
  2. Once again I am disappointed by a thread with an exciting title, but we arn't in the NAAFI I suppose.
  3. I'm not a dad but no matter what happens i'd say family comes first!
  4. Fair one, neither am i, i just didn't think that some of the comments where worded very well.
  5. If that was the case then the Army would be a little short on manpower!
  6. She's chosen the army as her career so what should she do
    a. Take the rough with the smooth and do ops when they come up?

    b. Take the smooth and as soon as th erough comes along resign her commission?

    I have always been against women in the army fro the reason here but as she has chosen to stay I'm glad to see that she's done the right thing.
  7. So what about a guy then? Should he not put his family first too if that is the case? I think the fact that she is teaching her child some work ethics is a good thing. One less 15 year old chav with a kid for my taxes to pay for!
  8. If everyones children came first, feck all would get done

    Good effort to her, she looks quite tidy as well, shouldn't pioneers have beards though
  9. well after reading the article all i can say it is good to see 23 pioneer regiment home safely........
  10. Okay then. Your kids on a death bed and so is a lad in your section. Do you stay in theatre or come home... I rest my case!
  11. Good on her.... too many serving personnel play the 'lone parent/compasionate card' when it's time for a tour...

    You sign on the dotted line, you takes your chances. Well done that lass.

  12. Well done to her.

    Her first duty is to her child - earning a living , doing her job, earning her daughter's respect, setting an example of service, being brave and then coming home, giving her a big hug and making up for lost time. Her daughter will probably grow up to be equally responsible.

    Crass, stupid comments from people who would presumably prefer she resigned and went on the dole and lived in a council flat. Look at the little girl's face and decide for yourself if she has been neglected.
  13. No to beards for RLC Pioneers. Yes to beards for Pioneer Platoon Sgt in the Infantry.