Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by grey_mafia, Mar 10, 2007.

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  1. Am a tad pished again but well fired up... I am totally 'jacked off' with fat lazy 'b"£$%^%s that have the 'common dog' not to park in a disabled spaces at the average supermarket, but class 'Mother and kids' parking as fair game...
    For instance, there I was today searching for a space in a well known supermarket chain carpark, when a particularly large bird parked her 'jam jar' in the space I was looking at. After al least 4 laps of the car park I finally found my space (next to hers..) and for the first time ever, told 'er indoors' to meet me after she had finished. Anyhoo, about 10 mins later old 'lardy, no kids' turned up, and I stood right in front of her motor and glared at her, she wound her window down and stared at me as though to say..'Yeah what??' and with a slow motion point at the 'parents and kids' sign, she bowed her knapper and reversed.. To add insult to injury, she stopped and gave me the 'bird' before she drove off...
    Help me guys, am I totally anal? I am finding this phenomena really annoying now..... :frustrated:
  2. Zzzzzz

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  3. Yup, totally anal, I would have flipped you the bird too. :thumleft:
  4. Thank God for my son. I now have less ground to cover to get back to my car with my beer stack every week.
  5. The Bays are wider for getting kids in and out thats probably why the Fat Fcuker uses them,
  6. just leave nails next time, after 2 miles she feel her tyre running on rims
  7. Do you force your son to come to the shops with you because of that? :thumright:
  8. Good drills!!
  9. I know this a pretty w%^&k thread, but it still pisses me off....
  10. Pishes me off as well. Especially as if the fat slags don't find a 'slapper and sprog' space they park in the disabled spaces.

    Some larger supermarkets do have disabled parking slightly further away from the entrance but it would be nice if the spaces were in the same county.
  11. Yep totally agree with the sentiment.......BASTARDS ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!

    Had many a run in with gobshites :pissedoff: at the local sainsbugs whilst trying to find a parking space for the large red van which is my work wheels.

    Best bit is when they dont see the littleone untill they start having a go.....then "daddy's special look" usually gets them to f@ck off...twatz!!!!!!! :shakefist:
  12. Bloody hell a post close to my very heart... when bundling the two kids out on a shopping trip to find all the spaces are full and some twat walk back to the car with a ten year old I have to bite my tongue not to spiv out... I feel my blood pressure hit the ceiling... however I now internet shop... worth the fiver that is for sure... and would recommend it...

  13. Do you internet shop now because you are a fat hideous blob of lard? I'll bet you still have to nip out to get the scratch cards though, don't you tubby?
  14. Flasheart... I am a skinny MILF or so I am told... I don't need to explain myself to you.. but you would probably crash the car at my outstanding beauty.. remember I was married, the twat doesnt want to divorce me because it is too painful for him to know that I have moved on... fat is not in my vocabulary.. I am in my prime and I have made some good friends out of this site... not least the person who has invited my son to football practice each week with some other lovely Army kids... my life is fine... I enjoy the fresh air .. do you?