Mothballed: Bomb sweeper that could save our troops lives

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Aug 2, 2009.

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  1. Mothballed: Bomb 'sweeper' that could save our troops' lives scrapped due to lack of equipment
    Last updated at 1:28 AM on 02nd August 2009
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    A British anti-bomb device that has saved dozens of American soldiers’ lives is not being used by UK troops – despite a rise in the number killed in road-side attacks.
    The Self-Protection Adaptive Roller Kit, known as SPARK, is usually fixed to the front of military vehicles and has rollers which take the full brunt of any blast.
    Soldiers are protected from injury and their vehicle is left intact so they can drive away from the ‘hit zone’ rather than suffer further attacks by insurgents.

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  2. Yet another silver bullet to cure all woes. Do they do a small one that fits on the front of Osprey?
  3. @ Skynet - Linky no work - try HERE
  4. So how is that any different to this Mine Roller on a WW2 Churchill?

  5. A complete non-story - these were used for the movement of the turbine for the Kajaki dam, and the first few IEDs were functioned harmlessly - just 6 hours up the road, they had already ceased co-locating the pressure plate with the main charge and were functioning main charges under the vehicle hull with gusto
  6. And cost a lot less as the replacement chains are very quickly changed
  7. So why didn't we build rollers that were further forward then?

    How many lives will it take before we have rollers fitted to 100ft booms, onthe front of helicoptors?

    The chains were better because they completely smashed everything in it's path. Weren't they set to take the top few inches of ground up?

    Maybe we need these....

  8. All the technology in the world will not win this one. Every time we build a counter-measure or put a bigger truck on the road they will simply build a bigger bomb or change the initiation mechanism.

    The ONLY solution is to have Terry so isolated from the rest of the community that he is not able to operate. Until then we will spend a fortune reducing casualties.

    Now do some Maths. What is the total population of Afghanistan - more importantly what is the population of Helmand ?( Various estimates around 1 to 1.4 million from 30 million total) How much do we need to spend to make them want the improved lifestyle we can offer - and so keen to be on our side. ?

    Quote from the Grauniad "Operations in southern Afghanistan accounted for a little over half, nearly £2.6bn, compared with £1.5bn last year. Most of the money was spent on providing tougher armoured vehicles for soldiers who face a growing threat of roadside bombs

    So thats roughly £2500 for every man, woman and child in the province last year ? Methinks that better targeting of the money towards development and basic "lifestyle bribery" of the Afghans by lighly armed cimic troops on foot might be a better solution than paying American corporations a fortune for vehicles that will be obsolete before they hit the streets ?

    Probably not one the warriors and armour anoraks want to hear ?
  9. There is a simple way to stop the mining. It's called domination of your ground.
    It's achieved by:-
    1. Having sufficient troops and equipment on the ground.
    2. Sufficient surveillance platforms of all descriptions to give 24/7 overwatch on AORs or whatever this weeks buzzword is.(I'm not just talking Theatre assets)
    3. Sufficient etc etc

    Of course this remedy is not cheap, so its easier to sacrifice a few blokes, then pay them a couple of grand when they get abandoned by the 'system'.

    Then of course, after they've recovered from their wounds bank on the fact that they won't bother going all the way to Switzerland when they can't live with the PTSD any more.

    This saves on War pensions or whatever government sponsored rip-off replaces them.
    A win-win situation I'm sure you all will agree.


    Of course, when the new lot take over next year, all the 26 year old MPs will have an answer to gritty problems like this.

  10. Pre detonation is not the key,

    Defeat the device, attack the network, train the at all out for the new C-IED MATT

    all aboard the C-IED train!
  11. Pearson's are developing new rollers at the mo