MOTD Female commentator

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by AbbotAle, Oct 20, 2007.

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  1. Sat watching match of the day Pompey vs Wigan, effing female commentator absolute shite, surely employed because she's a splitarse and not her commentating ability. Sack the bitch now.

  2. WHO........
  3. WOW, my long lost twin!!!!!

    We were separated at birth!

    Mummy Windsor, why didn't you tell me? After all these years, I had to find out on Arrse!!!
  4. That'll be this one then


    Jaqui Oatley, who cares if she can talk. I'd still give her the best 8.2 seconds of her life.
  5. Ha Ha! Portsmouth. Obviously. :D
  6. Dont worry Bruv you were not to know, Mummy used to keep me in a box under the stairs, I only used to be allowed out to give her a good servicing whil'st you were at school, by the way I want half the inheritance :D
  7. Agreed I would'nt mind being upto my nuts in her guts, but I certainly would'nt want her giving me a running commentary of my performance or a post- coital analyse having heard her lack of commentating prowess on MOTD.
  8. Certainly would prolong matters if she screamed like that every time you put it in the back of the net!

    Talk about offputting, she's definately ballgag material :p
  9. she has done commentary before at the very start of the season & was sh1te then. kept going on about colours not going together & shirts clashing with the strilkers eyes.


    still would though.
  10. Nothing wrong with women commentating on football. Lawrenson, Hansen and Lineker et al may well know their onions, but as C5's Italian football coverage is hosted by this charming young lady - I know what I'd rather be watching...


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