Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by McVitie, May 22, 2007.

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  1. After keeping a tight lid on my problem for a few months, I can go on no longer.

    Leaving my job Jan time for better prospects, I entered the world of construction, under my 'mates' wing, I cracked on.

    Until a jealous type of my mates, who is also male, informed my new boss of certain porky pies. Long story short...said boss informed me sunday night, he no longer need me in. Confirmed by my mate, this cnut had a hand in it.

    Since then i thought, whoa all this free time, just right to exercise daily, ready for a decent career in the military, something i have wanted to do.

    That was a couple of months ago, I have hit rock bottom. Motavation has vanished, i know i'm gaining more weight with less activity.

    I did go up to the careers with all paper work, was weighed and told i needed to shed 1 stone. To be fair the staff tried to slip me under the net, but were bound by restrictions.

    So i turn for advice, on the world of ARRSE?
  2. on demobb I got sectioned 37/41 under the mental health act....good career move......never had a accommodation problem since!!!!
  3. Put one chicken jalfrezi in a carrier bag. Leave on the kitchen worktop for 10-14 days. Remove from packaging, stir contents well and eat immediately.

    As soon as the sh1tting stops (normally in another 10-14 days) head to the CIO and get weighed.

    If you want a gentler (but slower) approach, try licking the hoop of a dog with tapeworm.
  4. Fair one, I'll try that.
  5. mate, i'm afraid you're at one of those "nut check" junctions in life. you've got to give yourself a fucking good kick *********** and push yourself into doing something, even though you don't feel like it.

    the hardest thing about running is getting off your arse and doing it. once you're out the front door, it's easy.

    i used to motivate myself like this: i had a 1.25 mile circuit around my village. i told myself that even if i did not feel like running that night, i would go out and do one lap then come back in.

    once out there, i never did just one lap. but it got me out the frigging door every single day for months and months on end. by the time i joined i weighed 11.5 stone and could run up to 15 - 20 miles at the drop of a hat, 7 minute miles (BFT pace). not exactly championship pace but pretty respectable for amateur long distance running - and more than adequate fitness for joining the army.

    so - tell yourself you will do something every day, no matter how small. cos once you've got your trainers on and get out the door, you've 90% won the battle.

    start tomorrow. don't make excuses, just force yourself to stick the trainers on and get out there. cos it will only get harder the longer you leave it...
  6. Very good advice from CR. Once you start and get into a routine, you will feel guilty if you miss a training session. Be careful though, dont overdo it in the beginning and pick up a stupid injury.

    Rest days are as important as training days.

    Good luck.
  7. Excellent advice, I still use that technique!
  8. Yes, thank you CR.
  9. Yep, take CR's advice!

    I got to the point of doing no exercise, working in office all day and drinking alot and i put on 3 stone in about 4 years and it annoyed the hell out of me.

    Since i got interested in the TA i decided that i had no choice but to go out for a was hard at first heading out that door but ive been running 3-4 times a week for 6 weeks now, and like a previous poster says, I do feel guilty if i miss a session (normally coz my legs hurt more then normal and i dont want to injure myself) I also cycle 8 mile per day to and from work and in the past 2 month i have lost a stone and feel a hell of a lot better for myself.

    I now have my Phase 1a training next weekend and my fitness test (1.5mile in under 14.30mins, but been running it in about 12.39 mins)

    Good luck mate!
  10. If you have some form of money coming in. You could join a running club etc.. I would recommend BFM (BritMilFit) if there a class in you area.

    If not then get those trainers on a start putting the miles in make it so you can't eat your evening meal until you have gone for run.
  11. Stick some waterproofs, change of underwear, food and a camping stove in a backpack and head to the hills for a few days. Nothing like getting out there and exposed to get you in touch with your primal instinct.. I am gong to do just that next week infact.. lake district here I come.

  12. Go to your local health food store, buy the following- prunes, dried apricots, prune juice, all-bran. Eat, drink, send out change of address cards and get extra-soft toilet paper.