Motability car through WPMS - still entitled after state pension age reached?

A few questions please:
1. Does anyone know if the entitlement to a Motability car through the War Pensions Mobility Scheme (WPMS) continues after State Pension age until death?
2. Do we lose ALSO when State Pension age is reached or applied for?
3. May we claim civilian Attendance Allowance if in receipt of a War Pension?

Thanks in advance.
As a response:

1. WPMS is not a Scheme - WPMS is a Supplement and equates to the DWP Higher Rate of Mobility award. Once your disability (for War Pension purposes) is assessed at 40% or greater, then that is when WPMS kicks in: as you are probably aware, you have to apply separately for WPMS.

As it pays a higher rate than Higher Rate of Mobility, this allows you to have a greater range of choice of cars if you elect to surrender it through the Motability scheme.

2. Don't understand the question.

3. Yes, you can: Constant Attendance Allowance

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