Motability Car Insurance

A family member has had their motability car stolen and is currently going through the claim process. They have received conflicting advice on several points, e.g. they were offered a courtesy car then told that was not allowed, then granted one on the grounds that they could prove they were oriiginally offered one. Despite the fact that as far as I can see, the official documentation clearly stipulates that the cover includes a courtesy car.

Anyway, the current bone of contention is over the contribution they originally made when entering the scheme. I cannot find this mentioned specifically in any motability documentation and they are getting no sensible advice from their contact. It is supposed to be a comprehensive policy so to my mind the payout to motability will be based on the value of the car today and they will be due a share of that in proportion to the amount they originally contributed over the new value of the car.

Does anyone have any experience of this situation?
I looked at the scheme for my stepson, but its basically a lease car where the Government pays it for you (PIP payment) so if a lease car was nicked would you expect the finance company to give you your initial payment back?
I think we've got it sorted out now. The insurance is between the insurers and the hirers. As regards any lump sum contribution, there is a sliding scale applied over the term of the scheme, so if you are half way through, you get half your contribution back.
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