Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by exile1, Jul 4, 2011.

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  1. Just had my MOT [every 2 years] and Emissions test [separate but also every 2 years] on my 11 year old car. Took it to the local garage who did a full service and check. They then took it to the Government test centre and returned it to my house on completion.
    Total cost for full service and tests was £125 so no complaints from me. My question is why 2 years interval here in Hungary and 1 year in the UK? .... and why such a rediculous price for the test in the UK? [The tests and equipment look identical to the UKs. So much for European harmonisation.
  2. When the test first came in (at ten years of age for the first one) cars were falling apart. It was gradually reduced to starting after three years in the 60's If you remember the cars that were about then you'll know that there was alot of deterioration in three years. Things are better now but we just haven't fallen in line with Europe.
    As to the cost, it's usual to be screwed by someone providing a service which is legal requiremen.
  3. IoM is 2year between MoT's but then they shag their sisters
  4. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    There were proposals several years ago to increase the interval between tests to 2 years in the UK as well. As doing MOT's can be a significant percentage of a garage's income (when any required repairs are added into the bill), there was an outcry from the garages. 25,000 jobs on the scrap heap, etc. So the government caved in.

    There are some specified maximum test fees: so a car should cost a max of £54.85. Most garages do it a little cheaper - mine charged £45. They also charge £45 for a basic service (oil change, etc). You paid a bit over the odds but not outrageously so...

    MOT test fees : Directgov - Motoring

  5. The best bit is that it is near enough invalid the min you drive out after the MOT!
  6. Even better than that you dont even have to take them in if you find a dodgy enough tester and then VOSA let the fraudulently issued ones stand.
  7. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Is it because you used to be Communists and your boss, Josef Stalin killed like, millions and millions of people?
  8. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Is it because you are better than us at picking turnips and potatoes in freezing fields in Lincolnshire while we cannot be arsed and nobody really gives a **** about how Hungarians MOT their stolen cars?
  9. MOT's are £25 (£21 if you have a discount voucher) at MR CLUTCH chain of garages.

    I had mine done last week.

    I go else where/get a second opinion if any work requires doing on the advisory.
  10. I ignore advisories. They only put them on there so it looks like they inspected it. Last year I was advised that my tyres were close to the legal limit. In reality they continued to be good for over 5000 miles before the first wear bar was even close to being level with the tread.

    If its a real problem it will be a fail not an advisory.
  11. The current bint's little silver Ford thingy had an advisory on the nearside rear shock two tests ago. I bought one and didn't get round to fitting it. Passed the next test with shock still in boot. Due for test end of this month, it's still in the boot. I wonder.
  12. Some of the garages are doing MOT's as a loss leader, then try and rip you off for work that is not required.

    I take the failure certificate/advisorys and book the car in for a MOT at another discounted MOT garage and await the results. (Strange old world passes on the alledged faults but sometimes fails/advisorys on something else!!!).