MOT rip off

I had my car MOT'd today and it failed.

It failed because i left my SatNav sucker still attached to the windscreen!!! (but it was outside Zone A of the swept area)!!!

and they want to charge me for the retest!!.

I will be reporting the testing station to VOSA. I asked the testing station for a VT17 appeals form which they promise to have tomorrow.

Is there anyone out there that is a qualified MOT inspector that can confirm whether my car 'technically' should have failed for this.

It seems ludicrous to me

I'm not qual'd in any way, but that is nonsense. The sucker can be removed. Its not permanently fitted.

Drive the fcuking car over his head (Oh, you can't, you havent got a valid MOT. Shame!)

I'm gonna fail mine later this year because I can't find the fault in my rear number plate lights. A wiring loom has broken, but I dont know where!

also checked I used to use this when i ran inspections as it is literally an electronic version of the book. but its quite confusing in places

Just wondered if anyone knows for sure!

Dont worry when i meet the tester tomorrow i will be giving him rock all.

Thats an easy fix (bodge!) if you dont have much time to fault find walt.... just patch your number plate lights into the rear side lights. it will get you through the test if nothing else!
Not sure it will come out that well, but here's a pic of my failure sheet, check yours it should have the two statements shown. (this is page two of my failure sheet, it was a bad year this year :( )


Thanks Leveller

I dont have any paperwork untill tomorrow when i go see them face to face. I guarentee i will not be paying for any retest (or partial retest).

The reason i took my car to this particular garage is because we have an account with them for all our company vehicles, and i thought they were reputable.

They dont know that our account and i are linked..... tomorrow i will be canceling the account and taking lots of buisness to the garage next door to them for being so petty!
Technically, yes they can fail your car... A garage local to me failed my wife's car because it had a "Magic Tree" air freshener hanging from the rear view mirror.

The MOT tester issued a fail cert, then removed the air freshener and then passed it. When I collected the car I questioned the failure cert and he said they had to fail it and issue a fail cert in case VOSA carried out a snap inspection or that the vehicle had been planted by VOSA for inspection.
Yep I spoke to a VOSA rep today......

the garage can fail your car for leaving in the GPS sucker. Spoke to a mate of mine too (who tests ) and he said MOT testers attended a seminar earlier this year and were specifically told to fail cars with GPS mounts either on the dash or on the windscreen! They have also been told to fail cars with 'U' shape tax disc holders that have a plastic bar across the top (usually has a garage name or something written on it!) but its bad practice to bill you for a retest for something so petty.

I just cant believe it cost me £90 for an MOT (or rather 2 MOTs)

Never the less after i paid the bill i cancelled our account........ it was worth £90 just to wipe the smile off his face!

PM sent, me auld.
Surely they could have issued a Pass Cert with an advisory note. My car just passed its MOT with an advisory note informing me that there is a nail in one of the tyres which has caused a slow puncture. They also state that the tyre is beginning to perish, yet I still got a pass.
Damn! I was hoping this thread was about some new fangled removable minge hair....or merkins :(

I'll be taking my GPS off my car for future MoTs, I didn't realise that was the letter of the law. Saying that my local garage has a couple of good lads in it.
Its a shame garages dont issue you with a pre mot checklist telling you to remove sat nav etc, just billy basics that everyone can do.

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