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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by 1scot1234, Jul 27, 2010.

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  1. This is probably the most stupidest question ever to be posted in the History of man...But Bear with me.


    When I was on the Army jobs website I seen a tab for Most wanted Jobs Now I realize that would be jobs that the army want people for but in terms of getting on an intake after ADSC or even getting to ADSC , What do they (the army) mean by that slogan in the tab in terms of recruitment process for those jobs stated , as one of the jobs stated in the tab is one that I will be going for when I go to ADSC.

    Thanks :D
  2. Even after going to the website and looking at the most wanted tab, I have no idea what your trying to ask?
  3. Sixty

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    Asking why he's not being fast tracked to ADSC if the recruits for the job are that desired by the Army I think, but that's just taking a blind punt at the random jumble of words used.
  4. Ummm Send Key Setting Over?
  5. Seems like the job he's seeking may be in cryptography.
  6. I was asking

    What does it mean in terms of waiting time for ADSC And Phase 1 .
  7. It means you wait until there is a space for you to go through phase 2 then work backwards, otherwise known as a piece of string, how long is it?
  8. The OP had the potential of asking a relevant and worthwhile question in that

    Do personnel applying for "most wanted jobs" get processed and attend phase 1 training quicker than other jobs?

    It's just a shame he failed miserably; infantry it is then.
  9. I've often found the naafi run out of chicken and bacon ginsters fastest, does that help?
  10. The most wanted rolls in the Army were Egg Banjos.
  11. Seeing by most of your recent posts you are the new GURU of the Joining up threads I thought you would know all of this, as some of your recent posts have stated how quick and easy you will be going through ADSC and then allocated to your chosen job you obviously are aware of more than us in Recruiting group know any way so the up to date information I have in the system wouldnt be any help to you. maybe listening to the Recruiting staff instead of talking your constant dribble may help....Welcome you have the NEW WILL TAG.
  12. I would also like to know where jam rolls come into this ??? And far to many people request them
  13. OUCH that's harsh!! :)

  14. Ok cheers guys .