Most Valuable Weapon: the RPG

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, May 8, 2004.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. mm thought provoking and probably spot on.
  3. Weep weep weep - yup spot on - the RPG has been a serial pest for decades.

    We were pissed off with them in the 60s and 70s - tree bursts and ambushed 113s etc.

    We had 66s ... they were all right but as the nerd says one round one shot ....

    We also had 79s and 203s ... very nice apart from the crap trajectory and pitiful little `pop' at the other end.

    We also had `charley Gs’ – also very nice but HEAVY and rounds hard to come by if the Swedes don’t like your particular war!

    I guess close fire support from a battery or two of 105s & Iroquois with miniguns made us complacent.

    I notice our guys using `Javelins’ recently – nice unit – bit big and expensive, heavy and WAY too sophisticated.

    Why don’t our masters go and visit the world’s hottest pinup politician Vladimir Putin and say “listen sport, those fcuking RPG things you guys sell all over the world – what about a mates rate ?????”

    Couldn’t hurt!
  4. used the rpg in ukraine couple of years ago $15 each round was what the army was being charged per round and the ukraines thought that was a huge rip off .But they were quite clear you handle the round gentley
    knock it or drop it boom . guess it would pass nato safty standards
    didnt dera come up with some magnetic force field widget that stopped rpg rounds from penetrating
  5. Yeah I saw that in Soldeir mag ages ago. An APC had an electrified field which I think frazzled the warhead as it hit the field displacing the kinetic energy or something like that, dont have a massive forehead so couldnt go into the exact specs. It wasnt a "Star Trek" type force field though but equally impressive as the report stated the APC had withstood 14 RPG attacks and was still able to drive away with only surface damage.

    Wonder what happened to that technology? probably lost in a cut back.
  6. I remember the article - it used wires embedded into the armour to deliver an electric current that dispersed the molten jet produced by the HEAT warhead. Not just for RPGs, it would work for any shaped charge.

    However - one of the great strengths of the RPG is the ease with which you can upgrade the warhead - so whether it would work for a HESH or FAE RPG warhead remains to be seen (my guess is probably not). Now of course you won't necessarily get the armour penetration that the HEAT gives you but if I can knock the crew unconscious and break things using shock or overprressure then I'm not going to be that bothered.

    And that is why dumb armour is so hard to beat - no matter what you throw at it, it always offers some protection. The corollary is that the most sophisticated active system can always be rendered ineffective by changing the method of attack - and you have to remember to switch it on.
  7. msr

    msr LE

  8. same here, great bit of fun

    cossack express was it?