Most useless thing you bought from Ebay when p!ssed....

I had a text from a mate today saying that he had bought a stuffed otter from Ebay when he was p!ssed last nght. How much he paid for it I don't know but it has had me giggling through my BOMWAN lessons all day.

What's the most usless thing you have bought from Ebay when you've had a few to many?
:D :D Before you all take the P*ss.......I know I'm a mong :oops: :oops:
I bought a high vis rugby ball from a supplier in HK. Postage and packing were a hefty £39 to boot :lol:

At 2 in the morning, being a little sober it dawned on me........why would I be playing rugby at night by myself??

As I grow older I need adult supervision sometimes :oops: :oops:
A Tiny Desknote.

My laptop was bulging and obsolete. I needed more memory, a faster processor and up-to-date sockets - one USB port doesn't hack it in this day and age. Browsed eBay and found something that seemed to fit the bill but there were only 3 minutes left of the auction. The price was £390 so I dropped in £400 (my limit), thinking it would be overtaken in the last 30 seconds of the auction, but what the hell?

I was confused by a statement "Only used on AC." Strange comment, I thought. Most laptops end up only being used on AC - perhaps the seller was trying to give the impression that the battery had hardly been used.

Anyway, I won the auction and Googled the Desknote to see what other features it had. This is where I found that it was actually a hybrid computer. It had the performance of a desktop machine, primarily because it contained desktop components rather than laptop components. Good, I thought. Reading on, I found that this was possible because it didn't have a battery - it HAD to be run on AC. Optimistic reasoning took hold - how often did I run a laptop on batteries? Almost never, so logically this wasn't much of a problem.

The next Google results revealed that the Desknote has an overheating problem. Despite it having a fan-cooled transformer (I've never seen one of these on any other machine) and two fans that blow air out through the top and sides (again, one fan seems to be the norm), these things seem to weld the power cord into the side of the machine.

Could I cancel? I considered the option, but the seller had been honest (even when it arrived, the only discrepancy was that it had been refurbished, rather than serviced), so I took it on the chin.

Waste of money? Yes. Being neurotic that it may burst into flames, I couldn't risk putting critical files on it, so it has only been used for the last 6 months by my daughter for her coursework (with the strict understanding that she works directly from a memory stick).

Problems? Not really. It gets warmer than a laptop but I've never had a problem with melting plastic. Perhaps the refurbishment cured the problem. I just don't trust it, though.

So, anybody want a 4 year old hybrid computer? Takes up no more space than a laptop. Used for 6 months since manufacturer refurbishment. Despite its age is comparable in performance to £1000 modern laptop (and no battery deterioration). Offers in region of £400.....

Moral: don't even think about looking on eBay when you've come back from the pub. You might just win what you bidded for.
Yes. I could leave the electronic TAMs on it (2003 version) and flog it to sergey for £1000!


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For my 19th birthday present, my best friends and girlfriend hacked into my ebay account and bought me a pirate ship.

Took a awful lot of very apologetic phonecalls to pacify one damn aggrevated pirate!

Yarrrrrrrr...tis a bargin! (Only £4000)
did some pretty dangerous sport bidding on a house once, £350,000 (which not only do i not have but couldn't get)

but the daftest thing to be a "Genuine" crystal necklace for £8.40 worth ruffly fcuk all.

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