Most unusual place/situation where you have stroked one out!

The-guru wrote:

CO's office when Ord Cpl on Xmas day.
UM and there was me thinking that knocking one out in the CO's shower in his Office at Buende while I was on duty was naughty - at least mine washed away! Did you use his socks or yours :oops:
Traditional i know but jizzed on the radiator in the guard hut at okehampton camp, 3 in the morning bored and a copy of nuts priceless.
I bet im not the first or last to have one of the wrist in that daddy longleg infested shithole
XMG sangar
in a ford fiesta driving through cornwall
In a bivi bag next to you
Various 3 commando brigade wolfs (convoy cock yeah)
Esso garage on A303 (hectic traffic had to stop off)

Mates girlfriends new Gaff two hours after she took posession(sp)
Corn field with crusty escort magazine (big hair and purple stockings and sussies)

Stop me before I start gobbing off about your bird

How about the Gunner who cracked one off with an NBC glove and a handsome dollop of XG279 under his cam net at night and got a round of applause from the company of R Anglians in the tree line 100m away fully equipped with night sights!

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