Most unusual nationality you've shagged.

Things are getting a bit posh in here after new year...politics, low - grade handbaggings, talk of coffee.....

I did a bird from Siberia. One from Serbia as well.
BroHawk. Half mohawk/ half negress bird.
Guyanese bird. Eastern Indian origin. We did it in every room in her gaff. She especially loved it standing up in the shower.
Did a french bird once, that's gotta qualify yes?

She was proper durty as well :)


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Half Scottish, half Portuguese. Eager to please but hard work.

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A very old Galapogan
The wife is Iban beat that fcuker and I do her every night.......right up the dirtbox and then in the mouth


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Half Tanzanian half Scottish. Lovely before she got fat (thank god I dumped her).
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