Most Ugly Aircraft

On the subject of quietness, a very rare in-theatre photo of one of the two Hughes 500P "Quiet Ones". Photography of them was actually prohibited even for the Air America pilots in Laos.


The five-bladed rotor was later adopted as standard and the non-symmetrical tail rotor design was used on the Apache ( and Mi-28 ).
... which led me on to the clunkers that Bell turned-out in the 1970s.

Model 409 YAH-63, lost to the Hughes YAH-64.


Here we see the female helicopter in her submissive pose, waiting for the superior Apache to mount her...

Mrs Slocombe

I realise this isn't going to be popular, but I give you the plane designed using a wonky t-square

It's like a kid's homework project sanded out of a piece of balsa, or maybe they superglued pieces of 7 other planes together and sprayed it white.

Looks like a thalidomide duck
TSR 2 is the funkiest thing ever and still looks good.
Croses B-EC-9 Paras-Cargo

Two crew and four victims in the fat plywood fuselage. Intended as a homebuilt freighter / meatbomber only one was built in 1976

Croses B-EC-9 Para-Cargo.jpg

Also links into recent discussion about tandem-wing designs.
I thought the Continental Copters Tomcat was horrific enough, a chopped-down Bell 47:


But when looking for a photo of that I found the Convertawings Quadrotor A of 1956 and I made a noise:

The Spams are never content to let the Frogs win anything:

View attachment 474356

Hawk GafHawk 125 from about 1989, believe it or not.

To ensure that it was as ugly as possible it had been preceded by a rebuilt TriPacer called the MiniHawk:

View attachment 474358
The top one looks like Billy-Bob converted his trailer home into something resembling a flying machine after binge watching Catch the Pigeon &
smoking meth.

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