Most Ugly Aircraft

I realise this isn't going to be popular, but I give you the plane designed using a wonky t-square


It's like a kid's homework project sanded out of a piece of balsa, or maybe they superglued pieces of 7 other planes together and sprayed it white.

Looks like a thalidomide duck
Sure it was armour plated not four sheets of plywood.
Haha! They actually subjected specimen fuselages to live-fire testing.

Sikorsky didn't have any success breaking in to the US Army LOH market. The AARV quietly died after the Vietnam draw-down and the later ( also quite angular ) RAH-66 was defunded in 2004.


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Sikorsky AARV design of 1970, designed as a successor to the OH-6 and OH-58. Forward fuselage was constructed with integral armour resistant to 7.62x39 AP round
If not a winner, that should be at least an honourable mention. It looks like a Mini Metro.
Ok the Saro Princess wasn't exactly a stunner, but this proposed Guppy variant exceeds all boundaries of taste. Not much left of the original other than wings and cockpit.
Whilst this "Guppy" did look ugly, I liked the look of the original Princess. Having said that, the idea of a large flying boat trying to take off or land in the Solent during the busy summer season would have been a little daunting.

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