Most Ugly Aircraft

Agreed, I like it!

It’s also reminiscent of the McDonnell XP-67 Bat.

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I never felt Lockheed's heart was really in it. I think the Convair Pogo was the better aircraft - almost pretty enough to be in the other thread IMHO
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One of those rare aircraft that looks better on the ground
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As you might expect, takeoff was fun, but landing not so much! Talk about reverse parking!
Agree with that, looking at the two you have to wonder what Lockheed were thinking, especially in view of the Convair submission. What I didn't realise until recently is that that large propellor spinner was to contain a radar scanner.


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Although not a tail sitter the Ryan X-13 was another neat delta design but needed a landing rig to hook on to.

Ryan X-13.jpg


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Maalox has shown it with a temporary undercarriage fitted. It was meant to be a tail sitting VTOL design like this where it perhaps makes more sense. BTW The wintip pods on both aircraft were to contain the aircraft's 4 x 20mm cannon.

The peculiar Custer Channel Wing. Apparently worked quite well.

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