Most Ugly Aircraft


That looks w* It'll never fly.
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What were they thinking. :)
How to avoid hitting anymore flag poles :)

That aircraft started as a E3, then was converted into a E4, then to E7 standard and was then backdated to E4 spec during a rebuild post war
Ugly and quite the un flyable little bastid too. Points all round ;)
Depending on one's point of view.
I flew as chase when a civilian test pilot butchered the test of the XF-85 Goblin, a tiny so-called parasite fighter that was carried by a bomber mother ship and launched to defend it against enemy air attackers. The company's civilian test pilot was incapable of staying in formation with me, and when the time came for him to attach the XF-85 to the mother ship by means of a trapeze configuration underneath, I watched him wreck the little parasite, and I was barely able to escort him down to an emergency landing on the lakebed. The Air Force canceled the XF-85 program after only two hours of testing.

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