Most Ugly Aircraft

When it does fail - it is inevitable - it will be at/across the centre wing section :( .
As it's for launching rockets from the centre wing section I'm assuming that they want the area clear? ignition damage?, easier loading?

Well one hopes they've done their Finite Element analysis well enough for the maintenance regime to replace the section well before it's failure point.... And presumably have flight restrictions when turbulence is expected...

Going to e some nasty moments (physics wise not time wise) if they don't get both sets of gear down at the same time when kanding. Assumption again is that they've designed for that...

@MM I'm undecided between Silk Purse or Sow's Ear as well...
My mate Neil Moffat owned the last airworthy one ( it took him a few years and a marriage to get it flying)
He sold it in the end as dowtys bill for servicing the props was going to work out at £500 p/h back in the late 80’s. Eeek
Reckoned it was a nice old girl to fly once you got over that the cockpit was like sitting on the gable end of a house ( hight wise ).
Whatever engineering/mechanical instincts I posses, lead me to suggest it would add some - additional - structural integrity, if the two tail-planes were to be integrated.

When it does fail - it is inevitable - it will be at/across the centre wing section :( .

Yup. Going to be a bit arse clenching in turbulence, I'd say.
The Fairey Rotodyne had huge problems with airframe vibration caused by the rotor-tipped jets - maybe that's why the nurses volunteered to fly in the old death-trap? (The Washing machine theory)

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