Most Ugly Aircraft

Aileron primarily controls roll but there are several explanations other than the artist perhaps not understanding the potential reaction of the crew. Perhaps, the control cables had been severed during the attack, the pilot killed, or the pilot had already left his position in an effort to bail out. Alternatively, he may simply have been frozen with fear.

Perhaps he is Flight-Lieutenant Harry Flashman and has already bailed out......bravely. :)
Perhaps he is Flight-Lieutenant Harry Flashman and has already bailed out......bravely. :)
In the artwork, neither the nose escape hatch or rear door appear to have been opened. That suggests that none of the crew have yet escaped, most likely because they are pinned down by the centrifugal forces caused by the spin.

A small selection of the 15,500 Anglo-American "luftgangster" aircraft shot down over Europe
Oh bore off, you bloody child.
...which tells you that a large number of men were killed in no time at all (i.e. on their first missions and so on).
As well as being the least experienced they would also get the worst aircraft the squadron owned (who's going to give up an aircraft they trust?) so they'd have the one with the most knackered engines that flew the lowest and slowest and was most likely to encounter problems while in the air.
If we're talking about 2 seat 'ugly tubs' variants, there's quite a few to choose from!

For instance, I've always found the enormous and enigmatic Tu-128 FIDDLER a bit of a sexy muscle-car of an interceptor...

...whereas it's trainer variant (which actually has 3 seats!) was...shall we say...less visually pleasing!


Echo On

Always had a soft spot for ugly aircraft and the Vietnam war era lash-ups were very interesting, we never seemed to copy the idea in our own colonial wars, just the strikemaster or hunter.

From the AU-24 Stallion with a minigun fitted, to the old AC-47 Gunship and C-119 Gunships couldn't we have stuffed some of our old cargo craft with guns and saved the effort of converting the jet provost.
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