Most Ugly Aircraft


I wounder how effective that would have been in practice? seeing as how it must add a couple in tons in weight between the installation itself and the structure needed to support it.
The size of the aircraft one would wonder what a couple of tons would matter, you can't beat a couple of guns.
The project with the PPsh machine guns under the Tu-4? it was found, to no-one's surprise, that the installation was far too heavy, vibrated by a tremendous amount, filled the aircraft with fumes, cascaded empties everywhere and the fired round was too light to be effective unless the aircraft got very low over the target, which was not a good idea and unless the pilot aligned the aircraft perfectly, the spray of rounds did not hit the target adequately,if at all.
Beauty and the Beast

We've had the Gannet before, but it turns out that it was also acoustically so ugly that one ( XL482 ) was sold to Hamilton Standard so that they could conduct measurements on the noise properties of contra-props.


It became N1350X for these tests and is now in the Pima Air & Space Museum.

Looks like we sent them one of the RN Palouste air-starter pods instead of using the USN equivalent:

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