Most Ugly Aircraft


Skyraider is fairly quick and heavily armoured. Sturmovik is a tank, albeit somewhat dated. Modern battlefields are nothing like Vietnam and WW2 Russian front.

Low, slow target with a single engine is in all kinds of trouble these days. Bronco has two engines so you can pick somewhere nicer to crash should you need to GTFO of Dodge. Not so with AHRLAC/Bronco II.
Proper tank


No idea of the make of plane, but there are a lot of them around at Airshows in the States. This one was taken at the Atlantic City airshow from the top of Trump Tower.


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It's a Yak 50 variant. A true rivet counter will be along shortly.
There was a Yak 52 display team at Flying Legends about 7-8 years ago. Absolutely brilliant, best aerobatic display team I have seen. And that includes the Red arrows.


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These 4 were taken at The Flying "W". A small local airport near me (South New Jersey). They have hangars there, will soon be going out to practice for the up coming shows.
Let's ask the USAF what they planned to use as the upper-tier COIN aircraft to supplement the Bronco ( in this 1964 snippet still considered a Navy / Marines concept ):


The AT-28E, a single-engined turboprop...

And when time came for the A-X program ( which created the A-10 ), the number and type of engines wasn't even specified in Stage 1.
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260 kts in the cruise, around 300kts max for the piston type is hardly crawling. It was also built to carry a load and well armoured. Still no fun but better than a lightly armoured slower type with fewer things to throw back at those being nasty to you.

As said before, the battlefield has changed since the 1970s.